Friday, March 13, 2015

Getting P(-To)WNed (Part III)

So during these past three months, I've gotten two different packages from the Cubs fan behind Waiting 'til Next Year. I was originally going to do a pack war using the first package along with a retail pack of 2015 Topps Hertiage, but just before I was about to start putting together the post, another package from WtNY popped up on my doorstep.

And so, I figured that I'd pit the two custom packages against each other. Now both packages were really awesome (as you're all about to see) but this'll decide which one is better.

However, the second package had three less cards in it (12 versus 9) so I decided to make up the difference by inserting two of the best base cards and the insert I pulled in the Heritage pack I was originally going to use for this pack war.

In the following scans, the cards from the first package (pack 1) will be on the left, and the cards in the second package (plus Heritage reinforcements) will be on the right.

Without further ado, let's begin!

Round 1:

Right off the bat we have LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS facing off against LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS.
Both sides are evenly matched, so let's call this a draw.

Pack(age) 1: 1
Pack(age) 2: 1

Round 2:

Now we have a LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS facing off against a shinier LUIIIISSSSSSSSSS.
Clearly package 2 has the edge, but package 1 is deserving of some credit as well. So package 2 will get one point, and package 1 will receive 0.5 points.

Pack(age) 1: 1.5
Pack(age) 2: 2

Round 3:

You know that you had a crappy Heritage pack if one of the two best base cards in it was of Brian Dozier.
Package 1 wins this round by default.

Pack(age) 1: 2.5
Pack(age) 2: 2

Round 4:

The Torrenator vs the 2014 AL ROY.
Give another point to the package that's sent us a quartet of Torrenses.

Pack(age) 1: 3.5
Pack(age) 2: 2

Round 5:

Here we have a shiny Bowman Gosuke Katoh vs a Panini Prizm Gosuke Katoh.
This is a tough one to decide so I'm going with a draw. Give both parties a point.

Pack(age) 1: 4.5
Pack(age) 2: 3

Round 6:

This round is the battle of the future NYY shortstops. Wade's higher on the ladder and slowly becoming more a sure thing (although it might be a bit too early to tell), meanwhile Yancarlos seems to have his fair share of upside as well.
It's a wash. No point for either party.

Pack(age) 1: 4.5
Pack(age) 2: 3

Round 7:

Here we have the man who was hyped up as the Ichiro Suzuki and Hideki Matsui hybrid the world was waiting for, and the original Ichiro Suzuki.
I like Fukudome (he had some great years as a member of the Chunichi Dragons, my favorite NPB team), but I'm going to go with the Ichiro card here. I love the fact that the background for that card is a forest.

Pack(age) 1: 4.5
Pack(age) 2: 4

Round 8:

Here's the battle of the (only) two horizontals.
The first package wins hands down. I mean that Stafford oddball right there is my first Post card.

Pack(age) 1: 5.5
Pack(age) 2: 4

Round 9:

Here's a great battle. Two major PC guys who aren't with the Yankees anymore.
Under normal circumstances this would be a draw, but as WtNY noted in their handwritten note to me, the Hiroki Kuroda on the right seems to be a special version.

Yep, it's apparently a "1st Edition" parallel with that little barely visible foil stamp.
According to the aforementioned note (and the internet), there were only ten sets made (allegedly). Which makes this a potential /10 card, which makes it all the more special.

Obviously I'm giving the point to package 2.

Pack(age) 1: 5.5
Pack(age) 2: 5

Round 10:

We're evenly matched again as the Torrenator takes on the Torrenator.
I'm giving a point to both parties.

Pack(age) 1: 6.5
Pack(age) 2: 6

Round 11:

Now here's a genuine toughie.
A LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSS vs an autograph of the second best prospect in the Yankees' organization. And the Prizm (refractor) version at that.

If it were any other prospect (even in the Yankees org) I probably would've gone with Torrens but Judge is special. He's basically the Yankees' farm system equivalent of Kris Bryant in the Cubs' farm system (although that's probably a horrible analogy).

The first pack tried playing up to its judge, but found itself in a jam when the other pack sent out the Judge.

So what I'm going to do is give package 2 a full point and also award package 1 with half a point.

Pack(age) 1: 7
Pack(age) 2: 7

Alright, now we're at the final round with the score tied at 7-7. This last round will decide once and for all, which package from P-Town was the best.

Round 12:

The battle of the parallels.
Package 2 gets the point easily though. Mainly because I needed the silver ice parallel (they're pretty overpriced on eBay and COMC) and now I finally have one :).
But the first package will be rewarded with half a point for the blue wave refractor as well.

Pack(age) 1: 7.5
Pack(age) 2: 8

And with that we have a winner. Package 2 wins on the strength of a major PC need and The Judge. But Package 1 had it's strong points too such as a few more Torrenses and my first oddball from a time when licensing fees for MLB-related properties weren't insanely high.

What this pack war also shows is that the devoted Cubs fan put a bunch of time/energy/thought/money into crafting these two packages. If I had just pitted either of these packages against the retail pack of Heritage it would've been one of the most one-sided pack wars to ever be blogged.

Luckily for me (and them?) I'm going to a semi-local card show again. By the time this post goes up I may have secured some (hopefully) awesome Cubbies to send their way. Considering what I sent them last time, I'll need to really up the ante this time.

So thanks to the devoted Cubs fan for these wonderful packages :). I hope that the frozen tundra you call home starts getting warmer and that you'll be able to actually see grass again soon :).

And as always, thank you for stopping by and take care :).


  1. There were 1st Edition parallels in 2014 Topps? Who knew?

  2. That Judge is fantastic! love the Kuroda 1st edition as well!

  3. Wow, I actually hit a need in your Torrenator PC? And your Post cereal card? Sweet!
    I'm glad you like the Judge (nice play on words by the way), because I didn't really know who he was.

    Yeah, I don't know about there only being 10 of those 1st Edition cards, but I haven't read anything else yet to disprove it.

    That was a great post, and a clever title. Thanks for the laughs!

    1. *should say "first Post cereal card"

    2. Thanks again for the awesome cards man.
      Glad you liked this post :).