Monday, June 22, 2015

All The Right Friends In All The Right Places

So it's no secret that I'm a Yankees prospects autograph hound. I'm constantly thinking of ways to get autographs from Yankees minor leaguers either in person or through the mail. Especially the ones who never came to Staten Island.

Occasionally though I have help from people with better chances of meeting these players.

Enter Draft2Dynasty, a huge Yankees minor league fan who has forgotten more about the Yankees farm system than I will ever know. They live in Florida and attend quite a lot of Tampa Yankees games. And because being a Tampa Yankee at one point is inevitable for almost everybody in the Yankees org, they get to meet players who just flat out skipped Staten Island.

We've known each other for years, in fact I first got in contact with them when I was still in Japan and on baseball card forums. We both kind of skewed away from the forum scene as time went on but still keep in contact with each other on Twitter where we're constantly big upping Yankees minor leaguers and trolling each other.

We've also had a trade in the works for two years. It originally started when I asked D2D if they could get me a PJ Pilittere autograph (who was one of the Tampa Yankees' coaches at the time) and some Pro Debut autographs for my collection. They weren't able to get me all four players I wanted, but they did get me two key catchers.

Yep, the aforementioned PJ Pilittere, and Gary SLAMCHEZ. Slamchez almost never signs via TTM so getting on via the certified route or IP route is the only option.
BTW, when D2D got this Slamchez autograph for me, they also got a printing plate signed for their collection. Isn't that neat?

After those two I had heard that D2D was going to be seeing the Charleston Riverdogs earlier this year so I asked them if they could get me some autographs I needed on my customs. They were players who skipped Staten Island (grrrr) and had little to no chance of coming back down.

One of them was another catcher, Alvaro Noriega.
The other was top Yankees prospect Jorge Mateo. In my book it's always better to get an IP or TTM autograph than a certified autograph so this one fills the void in my collection very nicely.

I can't really count these as TTMs or IPs, so I guess we'll put them under the very rare 50/50's category.

BTW, 50/50 is when you send at least two copies to another person in hopes of getting an autograph. One card is for you, the other card is for the other person who got the signature.

Anyway, it's probably only a matter of time until D2D and I have another trade in the works that spans across two or three years. Luckily the two of us no longer operate like we did on forums and have more of a casual thing going on like many of us do on this blogosphere.

You can find Draft 2 Dynasty on Twitter and you can also go to their blog under the same name. They do post card related things once in a while but for the most part it's game times, lineups and seeing how Mateo's speed stacks up to Billy Hamilton's speed. Seriously, Mateo is that fast.

Big thanks to D2D for these wonderful autographs.

As always thank you the readers for stopping by. Take care :).


  1. Thanks man... as for the mentioned card post.. i was about to gets some autographs when i was at the FSL All Stars

    1. Awesome, can't wait to see your FSL ASG haul.

  2. Networking at its finest. Glad you got so many autos you needed.

    1. Thanks. Knowing people in high places can have it's benefits.