Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Another Day, Another Game

For the second straight day I went to see the Staten Island Yankees play the State College Spikes.

As always let's start with the autographs.

My first autograph of the day was, believe it or not, of Elier Rodriguez who was one of the opposing State College Spikes. Since being drafted by the Cardinals in 2013, Elier has been used in various positions. For the most part he's split time at catcher and at first base. During most of this series he could be found in the bullpen and being a bullpen catcher. Although in this particular game he came into the game as a first baseman later on.

After I got the Elier I met up with some other IP autograph collectors I've known for a couple of years now. After a quick chat I went over the SI Yankees side and got Jhalan Jackson's autograph. Jackson was drafted by the Yankees in the seventh round of this year's draft. He's a pretty raw player but he's also got a ton of power. So much so that he began the season with two home runs in as many games. He got hit by a pitch the other day and he's day-to-day due to a thumb injury, but he said he might be back in the lineup this weekend :).

Next I got Drew Bridges who is very good at this baseballing thing. He had some defensive miscues this game, but in almost every other game I saw him make some really good plays over at the hot corner. And in this game's case, he made up for his blunder by hitting a three run home run. A shot that left the park right in front my very eyes I might add. The ball landed in a tree.

Next I got Ryan Krill. This gave me confidence that I was starting to remember everybody's face because I managed to deduce that the player in front of me in the dugout was Krill despite the fact that he wasn't wearing his jersey number and just a workout jersey. For a split second I was worried that I had mistaken Krill with Derek Callahan because Krill wrote the number 39 like the number 30 (Callahan's number) but I was relieved when I compared the Callahan signature I got the day before and confirmed that they're different. Phew!

Next I got Thairo Estrada on whatever the hell this parallel is called (I thought it was Carbon Fiber but it might not be). As you can see the autograph Gods have damned me as again. I thought a silver sharpie would work pretty well on this. Well once again I was dead wrong.
So to all of you IP autograph collectors out there. Do not bother with any shiny colors like gold, silver or bronze. You'll end up with really horrible signatures.

My last autograph of the day was from reliever Travis Hissong. Hissong was a non-drafted free agent the Yankees signed last year. Unfortunately before I could get his autograph last year he was already transferred to other affiliates. Well I made sure I got his autograph today, and he seemed to really like the extra homemade custom card I gave him :).

Now some of you may be wondering which of these signatures were obtained before the game and after the game. Well this time all of my autographs were obtained before the game because I didn't get a chance to get autographs after the game (I'll explain later).

So anyway the Yankees had a 1-0 lead over the Spikes for most of this game. Then after scoring one more run, Drew Bridges blasted a three run homer for a 5-0 lead. In the 9th inning the Spikes tried to mount a comeback and scored one run but they ultimately fells short as the Yankees won 5-1.

Unfortunately I couldn't stay that long because I had to leave midway through the bottom of the 9th to catch the ferry home. I have summer session classes these next few weeks at 8 in the morning so I had to get home fast.

So basically the Yankees have lost both of the games I stuck around for every inning and won the one where I left early. Maybe I need to leave early more often?

Domingo Acevedo, one of the Yankees' best prospects, started this game but only went 3 innings pitched. He apparently reached 100 mph a few times. He's raw, but full of potential.

This day happened to be Big Money Monday. Basically if you come to the stadium, you can fill out some raffle tickets and throughout the game you'd have a chance to win various prizes. Most of the prizes were things like T-shirts, food coupons, autographed stuff, and occasionally cash. Most of the cash prizes were only obtainable if the team did something that inning. Like hit a grand slam. If the team did that, then the lucky SOB who got picked would automatically win $10,000.
As you can see I didn't fill out any raffle tickets. I'm saving one for myself and plan on sending them out to some of you guys.

I don't know if this has anything to do with the Big Money Monday promotion, but these bingo cards were being distributed too. Every one is different (I checked) but I assume that if you got a bingo row you'd win some sort of prize (maybe?).

And as I left the stadium (early) I got a $10 off coupon for Dick's Sporting Goods (with a purchase of $50 or more). I'm not sure if I have a Dick's near me, but if I do this'll come in handy for some new Under Armour gear I've been wanting.

Once again the cargo ships invaded right field.


And that was my recap of my second game in as many days. Tomorrow I'm going to be busy again and may or may not see another SIY game. You'll all know by Thursday night.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

2015 IP Auto Count: 34


  1. You did well!

    I should go out to a game during my work hiatus.

    1. Thanks.

      If you do we might meet each other by accident one day.

  2. Baseball bingo is a fun way to pass the time during a game.
    I like the short video of Domingo Acevedo bullpenning. Very nice!

    1. I've begun taking more and more videos of people bull penning.