Monday, June 29, 2015

Second Game, First Headache

So yesterday I went to my second Staten Island Yankees game. The weather forecast was kind of iffy (lots of clouds and possibly some thunder) but there wasn't a whole lot of rain. Which is great because my customs aren't waterproof lol. That's where you have to appreciate the chrome surface that proper cards have.

As always, let's dive right in with the autographs.

My first IP autograph was of the gentle giant Domingo Acevedo. He's one of the Yankees' best prospects (top 20-30-ish) but he's still very raw. He's also had some blister issues in recent times but hopefully he isn't bothered too much by it.

My second autograph of the day was from the Opening Day starter, Derek Callahan. Callahan is an under the radar type guy in the Yankees org. The fact that he's a lefty certainly has him pegged as a guy to watch going forward.

My third autograph was of Jake Hernandez. Hernandez was originally drafted by the Tigers back in 2010 but he decided to go back to college. Afterwards he signed on with the Yankees as a non-drafted free agent in 2014. Scouts say that Hernandez's defense is especially good.

My next autograph was from the manager, Pat Osborn.
The manager and coaches usually come out to the dugout later than others so I never got to get Osborn but I finally got him today. He also had some friends visiting him today too.

After this the space right next to the dugout got a little crowded so I moved on closer to the bullpen. Here I got Kyle Holder three times. As you can see I sold my soul and decided to use Topps' idea of image variations.

Hitting Variation

Fielding Variation

Running Variation

I really like how these turned out. And Holder now officially joins Eric Jagielo and Ty Hensley in the "Yankees first round picks I met in SI list and had them sign a custom card of theirs" list.

My last pre-game autograph was from Brandon Wagner. He was drafted by the Yankees this year in the sixth round, making him the second 2015 MLB Draftee I've gotten an autograph of on one of my customs. His line-drive power and his ability to hit from the left side of the plate makes him a very interesting player to watch going forward.

My first post-game autograph was courtesy of Yoel Espinal, who was the very pitcher who started this game for the SI Yanks. Espinal was signed as a non-drafted free agent by the Tigers back in 2011 but his tenure in the Tigers org was short lived. The Yankees later scooped him up and are attempting to see if there's still something left salvaging in the young righty.

Zack Zehner was my second post-game autograph and he's another player who was just drafted at the beginning of the month. Zehner was the Yankees' 18th round pick this year but had been drafted by the Blue Jays in the 7th round back in 2014. Apparently some scouts have started to question Zehner's ability as a prospect, but if Zehner can show off some of that talent that made the Blue Jays FO draft him so highly in the past, the Yankees could have a nice piece in their hands.

My last autograph of the day was from Eric Duncan, the current hitting coach for the SI Yankees. Eric Duncan was the Yankees' first round draft pick back in 2003 and quickly made a name for himself as one of the Yankees' best prospects. Unfortunately, much like many prospects during that dismal time, Duncan didn't not reach the lofty expectations the hype had envisioned for him and he never made it to the big leagues. However he's since returned to the Yankees org as a coach.

As far as the autographs go I think I had a pretty great haul. I mean I got two first rounders and a bunch of other guys I really wanted autographs of. Of course I missed some people, but to them I say, soon...

Alright, now let's got to everything else.


The game was between the Staten Island Yankees and the State College Spikes (the NYPL affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals). The Spikes got a quick 4-0 lead in the fourth and the Yankees could only muster three runs the rest of the game. They did have some big chances during the game, and did have TWO back to back bases loaded walks, but they didn't really capitalize on them and came one run short. As of this post, the SI Yankees have lost every game I've attended this season.

This game marked the first time I ever tried an alcoholic beverage at a baseball game. It was an awful experience that gave me a giant headache (hence the headache in the title). And right now it's midnight (EST) as I type this and am fighting with the headache to bring you this blogpost. If I ever watch baseball games under the influence of something, I'm going to stick with that green stuff.

Because the Hudson River is right next to Richmond County Bank Ballpark you have a pretty good chance of finding a giant cargo ship in right field.

On the first base side you'll find a section of seats that's on a higher elevation that the rest of the seats in the park and it can offer you a ton of great views of the field. But my favorite view from that particular section was one of the ballpark entrances and the Hudson in the same shot.

Of the guys I missed on at this game, one of them was one of the opposing players, Elier Rodriguez. I might have to make getting his autograph the top priority at the next game I go to.

Speaking of which by the time this post goes up I should be in Staten Island again getting autographs ;) and tomorrow's post will most likely be another game recap written at like 1 in the morning.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

2015 IP Auto Count: 28


  1. Three quick things:
    1. Did you get the headache from just the one Narragansett? If so, I need to avoid that stuff like the plague.
    2. I wish Topps would use image variations from product to product also. Argh.
    3. Did you see the article on Hector Santiago today? It's worth reading if you got 5 spare minutes, as I think it's right up your alley.

    1. 1. I think it could've been a number of things in retrospect. Although the beer was probably a major factor. That said, keep in mind that I'm not much of an alcohol drinker.
      2. I don't honestly. Makes things harder for us collectors ;).
      3. No I haven't. I'll read it when I've actually had a full night's sleep again :).

  2. I second P-town Tom... if you had just one of those beers then change the brand. I've found drinking a good bit of other liquids around the same time helps prevent headaches too.

    That's an impressive collection of autographs for one day. I don't chase autos but you are still making me miss minor league ballparks and games.

    1. Well I probably can't blame the beer entirely but I'm part of the minority who think baseball is better without beer.

      And thanks :). Did you see any MiLB games during your brief vacation back here?

  3. You tore up the autos my friend. Sorry the Narragansett made your head feel like it was going to explode. Sometimes the mixture of beer and humidity can do a number on you.

    1. This haul was nothing compared to what I've gotten in the past ;).

      And you might be onto something with the humidity thing. Although to be honest it wasn't that humid and I had ingested a grand total of five alcoholic drinks before this one in my life.

    2. That could be too....Your body needs to get use to the alcohol. Maybe you are more of a whiskey guy!