Saturday, July 11, 2015

It's Finally Time

All season long Yankees fans have been clamoring for Stephen Drew and his sub-Mendoza line batting average to get lost and for a better second baseman to come along.

Now I was initially in that camp until I figured that it might be better to see if Drew can get something going. This Fangraphs article reflecting on Drew's 2014 season said he actually looked like a MLB hitter between July 11 and July 22 with a few breaks in between like the All Star Break and few off days. Basically for less than a week Drew was MLB hitter last season, which must be all the reason for the Yankees to have kept him around. To extract those good two weeks from him.

Well Drew has not had his two good weeks. In fact all he's done is get dangerously close to being DFA'd before hitting a home run to extend his Yankees tenure for one or two more seasons.

Also Chase Headley seems to be having some injury issues right now and the team has stated that Drew is the backup third baseman.

Which is probably why the Yankees have called up Robert Refsnyder. The man that Yankee fans have been clamoring to come up and replace Drew since, oh I don't know, mid-April?

By all accounts Refsnyder looks decent but all season long I've heard mixed-to-negative reports about him from scouts/people who know more about this stuff than I ever want to know. And purely stat wise he wasn't exactly forcing the issue in triple-A. That said we're now very close to the All Star break and more importantly the non-waiver wire trading deadline. As much as I'd just love to say that Refsnyder is here to stay as the Yankees' second baseman of the future, personally it wouldn't surprise me if the Yankees shipped him out in an effort to get MLB talent to help them in their playoff run as they try to fend off the pesky Orioles, the offensive Blue Jays, the annoying Rays and the surging Red Sox in a very wild AL East.

Not because of the very old tired narrative that the Yankees don't hold onto their prospects, but because the Yankees may not feel that one of the flaws in Refsnyder's game (like his defense) is not up to their standards and may move him to somebody who might value him more. I'm not a member of the Yankees' front office so I wouldn't know but so many people who make a living covering the Yankees seem to suggest that that is a possibility.

Anyway I can't say I expect Refsnyder to just take the everyday second base job away from Drew  nor can I see him staying around long term, but if both of those things happened that'd be great. In the meanwhile I'm just really ecstatic that another minor leaguer drafted and developed by the Yankees is on their way to the big leagues. The one thing I really wanted for Refsnyder, purely as a fan, is for him to get just one MLB game under his belt. Just one so he can say he was a major league baseball player once on his resume. Hopefully he gets his first MLB hit in his first game too.

And with Refsnyder's call up he joins a surprisingly long list of rookies who've made their MLB debut this year for the Yankees. Many of which were top prospects or intriguing guys that prospect lovers like me wanted to see get a shot in the big leagues.

Robert Refsnyder
Slade Heathcott
Mason Williams
Ramon Flores
Jacob Lindgren
Matt Tracy
Danny Burawa
Branden Pinder
Taylor Dugas (note, Dugas was called up but didn't appear in a game before being sent back down)
Diego Moreno (note, Moreno was originally a Pirates farmhand sent to NY in the Burnett trade)
Jose De Paula (note, De Paula was originally a Giants farmhand who signed with NY as a MiLB FA)
and Nick Rumbelow.

I specifically named Rumbelow last because he's special. You see, he's the very first player I ever saw in the minors to make it to the big leagues. YES! I saw him live and in person in 2013 as a Staten Island Yankee. I got his autograph and a really crappy selfie with him. Less than two years later he's pitching in the big leagues! Or was anyway before being optioned for overpaid non-Yankees farmhands returning from the DL :(.

So yeah. Refsnyder is up now and the year of the notable Yankees minor leaguers making it to the big leagues continues. The best part might be that in the span of less than 365 days the Yankees infield went from the rotting corpse of Derek Jeter and some other individuals at second to the young Sir Didi Gregorius and the young Robert Refsnyder. #Youth
Now lets see how long Refsnyder stays with the team and who else comes up when rosters expand in September.

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  1. He's probably the best offensive prospect to be called up since Montero, who also debuted at Fenway. Pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing him play. Would love to see him take the job and not look back.

    1. So how long until he gets traded for another team's young pitcher? Over or under a year? ;). And I would love to see that as well.