Monday, August 3, 2015

A Quick Exit

So on Saturday I went to another Staten Island Yankees game. Unfortunately I had personal matters to attend to so I had to leave early, but we'll get into that later.

Before the game I managed to get two autographs as well as one additional one during it.

One of which was the elusive James Reeves. I've been after Reeves' signature for weeks and I finally landed one. Now I only need about four more and I'm done (until more people get called up to SI/demoted to SI).

The other was my last black border custom, this time of Jake Hernandez. Hernandez was drafted as a catcher but he's been used at first base a lot this season. Considering how the Staten Island Yankees now have three other catchers on their roster, he might end up being a first baseman for the rest of the season with some occasional reps at catcher/occasionally being a bullpen catcher.

My third and last autograph was one I got during the game. It was from none other than Jason Arnold. Jason Arnold holds the distinction for being the first and only Staten Island Yankee to ever throw a no-hitter. Back in 2001 he threw a no hitter where he struck out 15 batters and tonight was a game commemorating his great feat.

The team had set up a booth outside the gift shop where Arnold was signing and some people asked him to sign their bobble head.

Oh yeah, the first something-thousand guests in attendance got a free Jason Arnold bobble head as well.
This bobble head is my second bobble head in as many days and is currently the fourth to enter my collection (fifth overall). Funny how in 2014 I didn't get any bobble heads but here in 2015 I've already gotten three!

The game started out pretty good. The Staten Island Yankees got on the board really early thanks to some clutch hits and a two run home run from Kevin Cornelius (a guy I still need to get an autograph of). Roughly 45 minutes after the game started I had to leave and go home. Leaving a game early sucks but I tried (and somewhat failed) to convince myself that the time I spent to get out to SI (2 hours) and the money I spent on the ticket was worth it thanks to the bobble head and the chance to meet Mr. Arnold and get his autograph.

As it turns out leaving early might've been a bad idea. Not just for me but because the Staten Island Yankees lost 7-5 in a come from behind win. Bummer :(.

On a sidenote I tried out this new waffle cone where you had pork and potatoes in it. It tastes pretty good but you'd like a bit more volume for the price. Also my stomach began punishing me roughly an hour after I ate it.

So yeah, leaving a ballgame early (less than an hour after it starts) sucks. Even if you do get to see an impressive view of the city from the Hudson/ferry.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

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  1. I almost bought one of those waffle cones when I was at Minute Maid Park last month, but then I saw one up close and discovered the cone was pretty much all potatoes. I took a pass.

    1. The ingredients themselves are pretty okay. It's when you mix them together that...

  2. Wow. on the cone thing.

    1. I know. Now imagine paying $7.50 to eat it.

  3. My stomach aches just looking at that cone. I would have probably tried it though....I'm a sucker for convenience/portable food.

    1. Tried it. I'm sticking to chicken tenders & fries (if the line ever moves that is).

  4. Awesome Jason Arnold bobble!

    Bobbles are big in my house right now. My 15 month old daughter laughs hysterically at my Paul O'Neill one. If she is fussy, I show it to her, and it's magic.

    Sorry you had to leave early. I hope everything is ok!

    1. Great, so you've just volunteered yourself to be my dumping ground for bobble heads I don't have any more room for. Thanks :).

      And yeah everything is fine. Although next time I'm going to stay a lot longer.