Friday, August 14, 2015

A Tale Of Two Cities

So yesterday, I went back to Staten Island in the early-ish morning roughly 14 hours after the game before ended.

Yep, this day was camp day which meant the game started at 11:00 AM. I didn't want to bother the players before the game on a day like camp day where kids keep asking for balls and autographs so I decided to come a little late. Because my printer ran out of ink I had to get some custom prints done at my semi-local CVS, by the time that finished the gates at SI were already open and I hadn't even made my way to Manhattan yet.

My one autograph from this entire day was courtesy of the newest SI Yankee, Jeff Degano who I got after the game. Degano was the Yankees' second round pick this year. He's armed with a fastball that sits in the lower 90's, a slurve (both of which are said to be his best weapons) and a work in progress change up. Degano's climb itself will be a work in progress as whether or not his future is as a starter or reliever at the moment is up in the air. However, the Yankees are optimistic that he can stay a starter and go on to reach his potential as a very serviceable starter (a number 4 type probably). In any case the Yankees managed to signed him to a bonus that was very under slot value.

Back to the game though, I arrived by the fourth inning and was greeted with a foul ball that was a line-drive hit by Jake Hernandez headed right at me. I tried to catch it but the ball hit my wrist and went somewhere else. I need to give fielders who can catch screaming line-drives more credit, those things hurt. Jake Hernandez later asked me if I managed to catch it after the game (I was giving him a custom print). Pretty cool that he A). remembered me and B). recognized me as the guy in the stands.

Unfortunately the SI Yankees lost to the Williamsport Crosscutters 7-3. Despite how hot Valera's been and how The Summer Of Thairo continued and how Holder continued to take walks (although there was one HBP) like nobody's business, the SI Yankees dropped two straight to the Crosscutters.

Because this was a game that started at 11:00 AM, it logically ended by 3 PM. After I managed to get Degano's autograph and give a few prints out to the players then I made my way to Coney Island.

Yep, I went behind enemy lines (with my SI Yankee fitted proudly on) and saw the future Mets take on the future beneficiaries of #CardinalsDevilMagic. Which is to say I saw the Brooklyn Cyclones take on the State College Spikes.

I hadn't been out to Coney Island at all this year because I had no business going there and because it's a real hassle to get there from my house. But this time I was already in the city and I knew that MCU Park had something I needed so I went. What was the very thing I needed?

Yes my friends. The 2015 edition of the New York-Penn League Top Prospects set is out (except in Staten Island). Naturally I picked up a set or two, or eight. I also picked up a team set of the 2015 Brooklyn Cyclones because why not?

Obviously these were the beauties hidden within. I'll do a followup post where I talk about the players in this set soon (I hope). Right now I'm just really glad that I have both Holder's first official card and first official card as a pro.

The game in Brooklyn was quite something as well. Apparently I went on a "Jersday Thursday" which is a promotion the Cyclones are doing in which every Thursday (that's a home game) the Cyclones will give away free jerseys to some of the first guests in attendance. This week's theme was Road Trip jersey and was sponsored by the Hospital For Special Surgery. Or at least I assume it was sponsored by them since it has their patch on it. Oh and a guy proposed to his girlfriend for her hand in marriage too.

Because the SI Yankees lost earlier in the day the Cyclones were itching to get the win and trim the lead on their division rival. Unfortunately #CardinalsDevilMagic had other plans and the Spikes came out victorious 2-0.

Unfortunately I had to leave early this time. I spent the better part of the 90 minutes prior to the game getting the card sets and just casually looking around. Then stayed to watch the first five or six innings. I think I watched a combined 10 innings in the two games I went to combined. So instead of 3 baseball games in 36 hours, I saw 2 baseball games in 36 hours (beat that!).

However I had a nice long chat with one of the ushers who is a Brooklyn native who told me fascinating stories about the Cyclones and the important role they play in Brooklyn as the first professional baseball team in Brooklyn since the Dodgers. What really stuck with me is how this usher said that the Cyclones originally tried to play up to their Brooklyn roots and emulate the Dodgers, but as time went on they needed to find their own identity (one a lot closer to the Mets too).

All in all those 36 hours of my life were dominated by train rides, ferry rides and baseball. I don't think I even had three square meals in this time span. Only while I'm young I guess ;).

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

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