Saturday, August 1, 2015

First Post-Trade Deadline Game

So the non-waiver wire trade deadline passed yesterday and as expected nobody currently on the Staten Island Yankees roster got moved.

Yesterday I saw the Staten Island Yankees take on the Aberdeen IronBirds (Orioles affiliate). It's a crucial series as the Yanks and IronBirds are really close to each other on the division standings (when it comes to these short season affiliates every game counts!).

Like always I'll start with the autographs.

My first autograph was from Travis Hissong.
I tried out a different design for my customs and I think this one came out rather well.

I created three more customs for Holder (the third one is coming up). I think it helped him because he ended up getting three hits and playing a key role in the game.

The third Holder autograph is seen here along with Thairo Estrada, Domingo Acevedo and Jhalan Jackson. If somebody were to ask me who the really intriguing guys are on this year's squad I'd point to these four. Holder is the defensive wiz with offensive potential, Estrada is the IFA who's way ahead of the curve, Acevedo is the gentle giant who can throw pure heat and Jhalan Jackson has power for days.

Luis Cedeno started this game for the SI Yankees. He went 4 innings pitched and struck out two batters. He got himself into a few jams but he got out of them fairly quickly.

Josh Rogers was the third pitcher used in this game. He earned his first career save after throwing three shutout innings where he struck out five batters.

The Staten Island Yankees won 8-4. Every hitter except Ryan Krill had a hit and even Krill himself had a sac-fly. The two real offensive stars of this game were Kyle Holder, Thairo Estrada and Junior Valera (the 2-4 hitters in that order) who went 8-12 combined on this game.

This game was Kids Against Cancer Night where the team gave away special uniforms to the first 1000 fans (I arrived 30 minutes late so I didn't get one) and the team itself wore special uniforms that were later auctioned off. On the back of the jerseys they all read SIUH, which stands for Staten Island University Hospital. I assume the proceeds from the auctions went to cancer research.
During the game there was one special moment where both teams lined up on the 1st base line and 3rd base line as kids who survived cancer came out to circle the bases and high-five the players in the process. Everybody was applauding them as they ran the bases, as they should.

I might not have gotten a free replica jersey but I did get to take advantage of another fun promo the team did. If you bought two tickets that were $18+ you'd get two free New York Yankees tickets AND a Brett Gardner bobble head (the one seen above). That Gardner became the third bobble head in my collection and my fourth overall.

I purchased two tickets for $36 and both of the games I purchased tickets to were games I was originally only going to buy for the bare minimum ($18 combined). Which (from my POV) basically means I spent the remaining $18 for the two New York Yankees game tickets (bleacher seats at that) and the Brett Gardner bobble head. That's a pretty good deal actually.

That said as many of you know I don't really like major league baseball. So I'm basically wondering if I should try and flip these or just give them to somebody who might actually want to see a major league baseball game (Lost Collector, you interested?). I do want to keep one of these ticket stubs though.

Near the end of the game it dawned on me that I had never taken a pic of my #WalletCard in Staten Island. Well it only took me like what, 10 games?, to finally take one. There it is in all of its glory.

All in all it was another pretty enjoyable game. The hitters hit, the pitchers pitched, I got a few autographs (although I'm still missing some key guys) and I got a bobble head.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

2015 IP Auto Count: 71


  1. I love the black bordered customs, ZZ -- those things look excellent! Congrats on the autos too.

    1. Thanks Tony. I like how those customs turned out too :).

  2. Appreciate the offer but I can't pull off a weekday day game. Cool tickets though!

    I like the new customs! They look good.

    1. Alrighty, I understand.

      And thanks :).

  3. Cool new custom design.. kinda like the black 2004's I love so well mixed with 1984.

    1. A lot of designs tend to look great with black borders.