Monday, August 31, 2015

Not Sick Of Baseball Yet

So summer break ended and class is back in session. But will that stop me from seeing as much Staten Island Yankees baseball as I can? Nope.

This was one of the last two serieses that'll be hosted at SI this year. The Tigers' affiliate the Connecticut Tigers came to town. Right when the Yankees are in an important playoff race.

My first autograph was from Alex Bisacca. I finally got to make a custom for him and he seemed to really like it (or at least I hope he did). One really unique thing about Bisacca is that he also seems to wear Ricky Vaughn type glasses.

My next autograph was courtesy of Danienger Perez. Danienger was one of the many Venezuelan players signed by the Yankees in their insane IFA haul last year. He's the first player in that signing class to make it to a level this high.

This Cam Gibson was actually one that a fellow autograph collector (who I've come to know these past two years) got for me while he was over on the Connecticut Tigers side. Gibson was the Tigers' fifth round pick and as you can see he does not mess around since he hits with his bare hands. And yes, he is indeed the son of Kirk Gibson.

Tyler Alexander was the Tigers' fifth round pick this year and this was also obtained for my by my aforementioned fellow autograph collector. He's a lefty and was originally drafted by the Tigers back in 2013 as a 23rd rounder but he didn't sign. Two years later the Tigers finally got their man.

Alright, now the game itself was quite something.

Danienger Perez had himself quite the debut. He went 3-4 and drove in three runs (read the full recap on Pinstriped Prospects). Much like their quad-A affiliate who were beating up the Barves, the SI Yankees pounded the CT Tigers and eventually won 10-2.

Victory, We Have Victory!

Despite the victory the SI Yankees are still tied for first place in the McNamara division with the Renegades who put up 10 runs of their own against the Spinners (the useless Red Sox affiliate). At this all SI can do is hope that Aberdeen stays away and that whoever faces the Renegades can ensure that they lose. Also SI should really win more games, that would be very ideal.


Oh and Hideki Matsui was there too. Because I follow what I preach I did not ask him for an autograph of picture. Although I did take this picture from the side.

I failed to mention this in the past but this year the SI Yankees are selling their cards as singles in these gigantic (8x10?) versions too. Look how small your normal card is placed right above it!
I got Thairo because he's Thairo. And yes, that's a genuine autograph. Hence why this cost me $20.
On a sidenote, although the scan may make it look decent. The picture is a big grainy because it appears as though the people behind this card just blew up the original smaller card.

And lastly, another autograph collector I met at the game gave me this program for the 2015 New York-Pennsylvania League All Star Game. Isn't it cool?!

And that's it for this recap. I suppose one more noteworthy thing is that I've had relatives of players (siblings and parents) comment on this blog in recent times. That just blows my mind since I still think this blog exists in a bubble where only 20 people (all members of the blogosphere) are the ones who visit. It's a small world indeed. I guess this means that I can't (not that I ever really would) talk smack about players anymore ;).

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

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  1. Matsui still looks like he's in playing condition. Nice photo!

  2. I agree with Tom about Matsui looking great.

    Glad to hear players are checking out your blog. Has to be cool for them to see someone chasing their autos and discussing it. Like that one play said to you a few posts back, "You are a true fan."

    1. I'm not sure if players themselves have had a chance to check out my blog. I know that at least two of the guys on this year's squad have been here though.

  3. GODZILLA. That man could step right into the middle of the order and hit a bomb.

    I like that you've been getting ticket stubs signed. Any plan for a cool display?

    Lastly, you've had a great summer blogging. I love that your blog is gaining traction from players, families, and fans. It's well-deserved!

    1. I don't really have an idea for a display. These ticket stubs tend to go yellow and bend after some time has passed so I probably won't do anything.

      And thanks :).