Thursday, August 6, 2015

#YearOfTheProspect (Pt. 2)

So yesterday Luis Severino made his MLB debut. I decided not to blog about it beforehand because players seem to do better when I don't blog about their debut prior to their actual debut. And also because The Lost Collector posted an excellent pre-debut writeup on Severino.

LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS Severino's debut actually happened. He went five innings pitched (throwing 94 pitches total), allowing two runs (one earned), walking no one and striking out seven batters.

All things considered, Severino's debut was just fine. He gave the Yankees five innings with little damage and was rewarded by being Hirok'd (throwing a nice game but taking the loss because the offense could only supply one run).

Prior to his call up people debated what Severino's long term future would be and people are still debating it. Some professional scouts say he's an elite front end of the rotation starter who'll be a vital part of the Yankees' future rotation behind/with Tanaka and Pineda. Others say he might end up being a power reliever. Only time will tell on that I guess.

In any case it looks like Severino is going to be in the rotation for a while since Pineda looks to be out until sometime in September and with the Yankees rotation being just as fragile as it's been all year and needing to give Tanaka more rest (the Yankees really could've used Chase Whitley this year).

With Severino's debut, another top Yankees prospect has made the leap from triple-A to the MLB.

Which brings me to something I've been really wanting to say about the Yankees system this year, there's a lot of legit talent at the higher levels. Ask anybody who was tasked with covering the Yankees farm system in the past 10 years and they'll probably say that this year the higher levels are more loaded than ever before.

A lot of key guys in the Yankees farm system in years past were really far away from the big leagues. And because of the distance between the low minors and the majors, inevitably a lot of them fell off. And even if there was impact talent in the higher levels, they were usually stand alone guys as the prospects weren't moving up the system in waves like they are right now (think Jesus Montero who was accompanied by virtually nobody else on his way up).

Well that's not the case here anymore. Gary Sanchez, the guy people have been waiting on for years (just ask The Lost Collector) is at triple-A, the other number 1 prospect (the Yankees' number 1 prospect this year is a two headed monster) Aaron Judge is in triple-A, baseball masher Greg Bird is in triple-A, Robert Refsnyder is still trapped in triple-A, Brady Lail finally made it to triple-A, and Scranton's roster still boasts notable guys like Slade Heathcott (currently looking to return to the big leagues), Kyle Roller, Jose Pirela, Ben Gamel, Tyler Austin and the seemingly rejuvenated Austin Romine. It's byotiful.

It's also a big reason why the Yankees weren't willing to deal their top prospects for rentals or even Cole Hamels. These aren't guys in low-A who have high potential but are a few years away. These are guys in triple-A who look to be major league contributors sooner rather than later.

And this is just getting started. Although promotions and injuries have virtually stripped the Trenton Thunder roster of the punch it had earlier in the season, there are a few solid cores currently developing in the lower minors (high-A Tampa and lower) who are coming up in waves. Yessir, this is a beautiful year for the Yankees farm system. Lots of hope and excitement that's really close to being realized and starting to form at the same time.

Anyway sorry I kind of went off on a tangent there. It's just, man, being a minor league Yankees fan has been fun this year. Even if my favorite player in the whole org is out for the year, it's been a blast. I for one hope it continues so the Yankees can continue to rely on their farm system for talent and depth for years to come (and not the no-name shmoes like the Antoan Richardsons or Jeff Francises of the world).

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  1. I thought Severino's debut was good. He struggled with demand early but the stuff is electric.

    The Yankees should be commended for sticking to their guns at the trade deadline. It will pay huge dividends. When the Pirates were transitioning from a joke of a franchise to being relevant they had many opportunities to trade guys like Marte, Polanco and Josh Bell. Thankfully they have stuck to their guns.

  2. Nice recap. I thought he was very solid. I liked his demeanor and the fact that he didn't succumb to the pressure. Definitely a few small mistakes, but he belongs. And I know the Red Sox are having a rough year, but he still faced a lineup that had David Ortiz, Hanley, a giant Sandova, and Mike Napoli - all good, veteran hitters. He held his own.

    He'll still have a lot of ups and downs...maybe Tuesday night he's not as good, or maybe he's better. The fact is, the Yanks plugged the rotation with the best option available, which happened to be their top prospect. I'm excited!

    1. Been a while since there was this much excitement over a pitching prospect.