Friday, September 4, 2015


So I went to the Staten Island Yankees game yesterday. The regular season is now (as of this post) down to only four regular season games.

Regardless of what happens going forward, this season has already been one of the best season I've ever witnessed as a fan. In the previous two years the teams were either in dead last or were eliminated near the end. Plus I got to go to so many games that I managed to recognize the players by face and some of them recognized me back :).

Anyway here's one autograph I got, or rather a friend of mine got for me. Prior to the game I met up with fellow autograph collector and they agreed to try and get some of the cards (two cards to be exact) I needed to get signed from the opposing team signed and I would in turn try to help them knock off a few more needs they had regarding the SI Yankees team set. The first one is Trent Thornton. He was the Astros' fifth round pick in this year's draft and he has a crazy leg kick.

The other future Astro was outfielder (primarily a center fielder) Johnny Sewald. Sewald went 1-4 in the leadoff spot with a walk and two runs scored.

I didn't get any autographs from the SI side this time, at least not for myself, but I did take a lot of selfies with the players and I got something mindblowingly amazing after the game.

Yep, that is a pair of game used batting gloves used by Thairo Estrada. Normally I have a rule for myself that I only ask for equipment AFTER a season has ended but because I'm not sure exactly when the SI Yankees season will end this year, I decided to give it a try. And Thairo graciously said yes.

As you can see these aren't signed, and considering how many things I've had Thairo sign this year, I might leave theses unsigned. Besides, I sort of want to use them when I go to a batting center again ;).

The game itself was relatively big. Both the SI Yankees and Tri-City Valley Cats (both first in their respective divisions) were looking to win and solidify their chances of clinching playoff berths. The Yankees' first overall pick in 2015, James Kaprielian started the game and threw a scoreless 3.2 innings pitched. I assume Kaprielian was taken out so early due to his pitch count. After Kaprielian, Josh Roeder came in to pitch a scoreless 1.1 innings. After that Jeff Degano (the Yankees' second round pick) came in and gave up one run in 2.1 innings pitched. So this was already a pretty unique game in that Kaprielian, Holder and Degano (the first three picks selected by the Yankees this year) all appeared in this game. In the eighth inning the SI Yankees managed to tie the game at one run apiece and later Andre Del Bosque came in to make sure it stayed tied. The game went into extra innings before the Valleycats scored five runs in the top of the 10th inning and went on to win 6-1.

With the victory the Valleycats clinched the Stedler division and will be advancing to the playoffs. Despite the loss the SI Yankees are still currently in first place of the McNamara division thanks to a Renegades loss but unfortunately the Ironbirds are still hanging around and currently tied for second after a victory over Lowell. Both Hudson Valley & Aberdeen are only 0.5 games back. At this point the only team really out of contention in the league are the Brooklyn Cyclones. Hopefully whoever HV and Aberdeen are facing can make sure they lose and the Valleycats and Cyclones decide to no longer try because their future is already set and give the SI Yankees an easier shot.

It was a tough loss for the Yankees but hopefully they'll be doing a celebration of their own later this week. It's certainly not out of the realm of possibility.


And yes, I'm still shaking with excitement. I need to go to Michaels though.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

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  1. Nice!

    I think all of the leagues used that same Choice template for their Top Prospects set. The ones I picked up on my road trip all used that same one.

    1. That's interesting, I'll have to check. Guess people really like the '82 Topps motif.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks gav :).
      Also I got your Alomars today. Thanks a bunch :).

  3. Wow! Ballsy. I've never thought of asking for equipment. Nice job!

    1. I almost never ask for equipment because the players need them and I don't have the room. But when a player is that special (to me at least) I bite the bullet. Besides, I gave Thairo a bunch of stuff (some cards, some programs and whatnot) as a thank you present :).

  4. Those are amazing! They look great with the Superfractor. Can't wait to see how Thairo does next year in full season ball.