Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Recreating The Draft

So this year's draft class was a pretty decent one for the Yankees. It's way too early to say what'll become of the many guys drafted in 2015 but considering how the Yankees are dead set on making their farm system a legitimate source of big league talent, I'm quite excited for this year's crop.

As such I decided to take on a semi-daunting undertaking. Obtaining at least one official card of the 2015 New York Yankees Draft Class (that actually signed with the Yankees). This excludes guys like Deacon Liput or Andrew Miller (a different Andrew Miller) who were drafted by the Yankees but didn't sign. If a player only has an official card from his pre-Yankees days like Isiah Gilliam that WILL count. If a player does not have an official card but I made a custom and got it signed, it does NOT count (I just included some of my customs to serve as placeholders). This is only for official cards.

1st Round

James Kaprielian and Kyle Holder are both present and accounted for.

2nd Round

As of this moment there are no official Jeff Degano cards. However I expect that to change this winter.
Took longer but, here's Jeff Degano's first official card.

3rd Round

Drew Finley (the name on the official card is a typo, lol) has a few cards in a few Leaf products as well.

4th Round

Jeff Hendrix possesses Gold Glove caliber defense.

5th Round

Chance Adams is one of the two 2015 Staten Island Yankees I never got an autograph of. Grrr. He does not have a card yet either.

6th Round

From Pags to Wags.

7th Round

Damn bruh, look at those forearms.

8th Round

Donny Sands does not have an official card. Yet.

9th Round

Ryan Krill will Krill the competition next year. Yeah I'll see myself out.

10th Round

Lefty who says a lot of interesting stories in the bullpen.

11th Round

Josh Rogers, surrounded by darkness, is present and accounted for.

12th Round

Terrance Robertson does not have an official card yet.

13th Round

Trey Amburgey does not have any official cards yet but after the way he hit every ball that was thrown to him to kingdom-come in 2015 I suspect he'll have an official card soon enough.

14th Round

Will Carter really didn't do a whole lot in 2015, I guess the Yankees wanted him to take the first year easy and see what they have in him in 2016.

15th Round

"If he was allowed, he'd get (Ricky) Vaughn's lightning bolts shaved into the side of his head." - Dustin Dopirak on 15th round selection Bret Marks.

16th Round

Kolton Mahoney has a heart of gold. Just look at how he even brightens up the background of his own card.

17th Round

Brody Koerner has a card in the Pulaski Yankees team set.

18th Round

The Zack (Zehner) Attack will continue in Charleston come 2016.

19th Round

Mark Seyler will unfortunately be out for a while as he recovers from Tommy John surgery.

20th Round

Isiah Gilliam has a few unlicensed cards by Leaf out there. Unfortunately I haven't picked any up yet.

21st Round

Josh Roeder had a magnificent beard before joining the Yankees org.

22nd Round

Cody Carroll, the Pulaski Yankees team set came through big time.

23rd Round

Garrett Mundell, the Pulaski Yankees team set came through big time (again).

24th Round

Patrick O'Brien does not have an official card yet.

25th Round

Austin Afenir, the Pulaski Yankees team set came through big time (again x5).

26th Round

Icezack Flemming does not have an official card yet but with a name like that, he'll have one soon enough.

28th Round

David Sosebee has a Pulaski card. And like the others it's kind of grainy.

29th Round

Kane Sweeney. Saved by the Pulaski set yet again. Although the picture is still grainy.

30th Round

Chad Martin was promoted to high-A Tampa near the end of the 2015 season after call ups shook the entire balance of the Yankees org. He does not have an official card yet.

31st Round

Hobie Harris, despite the fact that he made it to high-A in 2015, does not have a card yet.

32nd Round

Alex Robinett received a card in the 2015 SIY set after he was promoted to Charleston. A little after that he was deployed to the army. May he return safe and sound.

33rd Round

Christian Morris was promoted to high-A Tampa as part of a huge roster shakeup near the end of the season after September callups came into effect. But he does not have an official card out yet.

35th Round

Alex Bisacca came to Staten Island near the end of the 2015 season. He does not have an official card yet.

36th Round

Dustin Cook does not have an official card yet.


And that concludes the 2015 draft class that did sign with the Yankees.

Of the 35 humans who were drafted by the Yankees and signed, only 12 have yet to be immortalized on cardboard. I foresee Degano getting a card as early as this October. With everybody else a maybe late in 2016 in various team sets spanning across Pulaski/Staten Island/Charleston and possibly Tampa.

Anyway this is my first attempt a recreating a draft through cards and my first attempt at a quasi-frankenset so wish me luck. As it stands I'm 22/23. Here's to hoping the remaining 12 have cards released soon.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. I didn't realize Gilliam was drafted AND signed with the Yankees. We was draft last year by the Cubs, but didn't sign. I was hoping they would draft him again this year and get it done this time. Bummer.

    I like your idea for a collection. It's a little too daunting for me to try it, but I'm having fun stocking up on the pitchers drafted in the first ten rounds from the 2014 Cubs draft: Jake Stinnett, Justin Steele, Carson Sands, and Dylan Cease. I think all four have potential to play in Wrigley within the next three to four years.

    1. Oh that's interesting. Although that makes me wonder why/how Gilliam was left until the 20th round.

      And hey, the Cubs have as good a track record as any team when it comes to developing talent. Their pitching department leaves a little more to be desired, but you could do worse I suppose.

    2. The Cubs more than make up for it in the offensive department.....

    3. Maybe they could trade their offensive surplus for pitching?
      Then again they seem to do well with pitchers other teams gave up on.

  2. You have done really well getting the autos. I agree that a few of those guys will hit Bowman very soon.

    1. Thanks Matt. I'm not sure if I'll expand this to getting autographs but it's definitely a nice step 2 when/if this first task is accomplished.

  3. This is a cool idea! I'm sure you'll complete it. Fun project each year!

    1. Thanks TLC.
      Although I'm not sure I can do this every year.

  4. Great Post and Info... Was wondering if there is any chance to get a complete Number checklist of the 2015 Pulaski Yankees ... I know everyone in the set.. But could use a Card numbers on each card to add to online database... Thanks