Monday, December 28, 2015

Instead Of A Box... Pt. 2

So the other day a post of mine went up before it was even completed. It was supposed to be a "I got all four NYY prospect autographs from 2015 Bowman Draft for the price of a box along with some cool cards I had recently gotten in the mail" but before I got half of the four subjects I accidentally pressed the publish button. Which is pretty much why in that post I never explained exactly how much I had spent on the cards I obtained.

Well here's part two to tie up the loose ends.

Here's Kyle Holder.
Those of you who read my blog during the summer knows that I got to see him a lot in Staten Island. In a sentence I'd say that he showed both glimpses of brilliance and glimpses of mediocrity.

He's really good defensively and I can definitely recall him making some really flashy plays at shortstop. Offensively he struggled but I'd say that he was probably a little fatigued after a full season of college ball, and he appeared to have been struggled with some sort of injury later in the season. What he does in 2016 will be a lot more telling of his future than what he did in 2015 I'm sure.

And here's the Yankees' third rounder in 2015/fourth pick/fourth prospect autograph in 2015 Bowman Draft, Drew Finley.

Out of all of the players the Yankees drafted in 2015, Finley is the closest to being the high upside, some risk player who was drafted. He was one of the few high school selections the Yankees made and they managed to convince him to forgo his commitment to USC. Armed with a low-90's fastball, a change up and curveball, the son of Steve Finley looks like he could be a quality arm for the Yankees.

Finley was the lone NYY autograph subject I didn't see in SI in 2015 and I was compensated for it by being able to acquire two of his autos for the price of one lol.

And with that here are the four NYY prospects in 2015 Bowman Draft.


All four autographs cost me roughly $55. Which isn't bad considering I got them out of desperation right as as the product came out. Truth be told however, I wouldn't be surprised to see some people get all four for less than half of that next year (patience is a virtue).

Now a jumbo box is around $130, so using the rest of the budget I had tucked away for one I bought a hobby box. As most of you already know, Rex is due to go on one more adventure. Only this time there's no pressure as the four BIG cards have been obtained.

What will Rex find? Who knows. Hopefully we can land something good like a Jeff Hendrix base card (i.e. the last really important card from 2015 Bowman Draft I need).

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. That shop job on the Degano (did I read that correctly? lower left) is pathetic. Just leave them in their minor unis and put the parent club logo on the card.

    1. Your reading skills are up to par Jeff, that is indeed Degano.

      And I agree the photoshopping is quite bad. I argue that it's hilariously bad though lol ;).

  2. I'm probably going to do something similar with the Pirates. Guys like Kevin Newman and Ke'Bryan Hayes aren't really selling that high anyway.