Monday, May 30, 2016

Another Repack

Help, I'm addicted, to $5 repacks.

I headed out to Walgreens again to buy some things and picked up another repack. And this time they had me by the balls. You know how?

Yep, that retail exclusive parallel of Domingo German was staring back at me as the first (and only) visible card in the repack. Even though Domingo German is seen in Marlins gear here, he's a Yankees prospect who came over in the Prado for Eovaldi trade. In essence, I basically paid 5 cents for this retail only parallel of a Yankees prospect, I'd do that. And who knows, maybe this repack might be even better than the last (which itself was pretty neat).

Okay in a lot of ways it definitely was. As I appear to have been able to beat the 75% odds and got a repack with a relic on it. That probably means that the other repacks sitting of the shelf are hit-less. That USA relic is of Christian Colon. He was the Royals' first rounder (fourth overall) back in 2010. Despite that Colon was always overshadowed by the likes of Hosmer, Moustakas, Odorizzi, Montgomery and Starling. Things worked out for Colon though, he made it to the big leagues not too long ago and even won a World Series Championship ring with the Royals last year. At this point he's more along the lines of a really solid utility infielder.

This repack only had one Yankees card. Dave Eiland there was the longtime pitching coach for the Yankees. Now he works as a pitching coach for the Kansas City Royals. And like Colon before, Eiland got a ring with KC last year.

The lack of Yankees isn't to say this repack wasn't without it's highlights/entertaining aspects though.

The single-season home run record breaker (in Japan).

It's all about the tools of the trade.

These are some of the best cropped photographs of pitchers pitching that I've ever seen on cards.

When it comes to Blue Jays analysis I prefer Andrew Stoeten and Drew Fairservice (formerly of Drunk Jays Fans/Getting Blanked/Ghost Runner On First, but now of Birds All Day/Blue Jays Nation) but The Tao of Stieb does a great job too.

Not to be outdone by the pitching shots, these action shots were pretty cool too.

One look at those arms reminded me that I'm not as manly as I thought I was.

Cult-hero Kent Tekulve and his sweet shades.

The scan doesn't show the other part of this 3d card but this SportFlix Lawton has both a ball backdrop and a bat backdrop.

Hey I know these two! One's proof that PED's don't make you great and the other is proof that you can accomplish great things on a hangover.

Hark! A minor league team issued card. Of former 32nd rounder Mike Chambers. The team's the Greenville Drive so he was a Red Sox farmhand. Chambers' pro career ended in early 2008.

I'm not 100% sure why I scanned these. I guess I just liked the way these photographs are. The Marlins duo on the top screams high school yearbook photos and the Laird below is a pretty cool shot.

Oh shit I know this guy. Sort of. I know Bob Walk The Plank's talked about him before.

Here are a couple of recognizable Mariners names. Oh and here's where the five cents thing comes into play again. Wouldn't you consider 5 cents for a Randy Johnson card kind of a good deal? That thing's probably worth at least ten cents.

Anyway that was a pretty good repack. It armed me with a lot more TTM ammo than the last repack did too. There wasn't anything Earth-shatteringly great, but for five dollars, I'd like to think I got a pretty decent bang for my buck.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Man, I was at Walgreens last night and was tempted, but didn't do it. I wish I had!

    I'm not sure if anyone else had this issue, but I'm not seeing your images. I tried in two browsers. I know you recently switched over to a new photo storing system, so maybe that's it.

    1. I'm not seeing your images either; there's just a blank spot and an icon that I think means "broken link" or some such.

    2. @TLC I changed the pictures. They should be viewable now.

      @shlabotnikreport: do they work now?

  2. No image viewing problems here! I am also an occasional sucker for the $5 Walgreen's repacks. I've found weird National promo cards and 2008 Topps Back to School cards in them lately, which you would think they would find a better use for.

    1. Hmm... well it's only a matter of time before those packs insert something really out of left field.