Friday, May 6, 2016

Woah, Some Good Retail Packs?!

So the other day I was at Target and got myself some 2016 Bowman retail.

More specifically I got myself a rack pack and a loose pack. The rack pack had three retail only yellow border parallels and I was hoping for a fun break. Little did I know that I'd have a very good break (from a Yankees fan/collector's perspective).

I suppose we should start with the loose pack I picked up. The contents of which set the tone for what was to come.

Behold! Four Yankees in one (10 card) pack!

Sure these four are all repeaters and the Gary Sanchez picture is an awful photoshop job but these guys are all still farmhands that I like a lot.

This break is off to a great start.

Pack two yielded the two NYY prospect newcomers. At this point most Yankees fans who know about the minor leagues should know who Domingo Acevedo and Brady Lail (or as I call him Lady Brail) are. They're both top 15 (maybe top 10?) prospects in the org.

This was good because I needed base cards of both Ace and Lail. Mission accomplished in one pack!

Alright, next I'm going to merge packs three and four. You'll see why later.

Pack three yielded two Yankees including the Tyler Wade you see above. Pack four yielded the Dellin Betances base you see above.

So who was the other Yankee in pack three with Wade?


That my friends is a retail only green refractor of JAMES KAPRIELIAN!

This green specimen is shiny and numbered 54/99. W00t!

Good gravy, I never thought I'd be actually able to pull such a cool refractor of a guy I actually collect. The fact that I met Kaprielian last year makes this extra special.
(Note, Kaprielian is currently on the minor league DL, his return date is unknown as of now)

Even though nearly one fourth of my break consisted of Yankees (usually it's a bunch of garbage Reds and garbage Cardinals, BLARG!) I did pull some other notables as well. Such as Dodgers rookie sensation Maeda Kenta and promising Blue Jays prospect Vlad Guerrero Jr. son of Vlad Guerrero.

I suppose the three yellow bordered cards were great too. I got a Brendan Rodgers (3rd overall pick in 2015!), a Mike Clevinger for my friend Anco-san and a rare Brewer for Tony of Off Hiatus fame.

So yeah. These five packs of Bowman retail had nine (NINE!) Yankees cards out of the 43 total cards they carried and one of which was a retail only green refractor. And those Yankees weren't the Sabathias or the Ellsburys of the world, they were prospects I like. Kaprielian? Holder? Slamchez? Acevedo? Betances? It's like these four packs were made for me!

Also I got a large number of easily movable cards. Usually I end up with cards of really lousy teams that I can't trade for shit because nobody likes them like the Tigers, Reds, Royals, Cardinals, Marlins and Rays, and I can't even send them as TTM requests but all in all this break just left me with three Tigers, two Royals and one Evan Longoria base card as the lone card I can't immediately find a taker for. That said Evan Longoria is a guy people recognize so maybe I can hide him in a package for a baseball in general type of collector like Gavin?

Anyway that was my pretty great retail break. As fun as it was it's a clear sign that I need to stop here before I push my luck any further.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Great group of Yanks prospects included this year.

  2. Those packs were meant for you.

  3. It is always satisfying to pull guys from your team. Even better when it is a rare parallel. Congrats

  4. Congrats on your hot hands!

    Don't you goddamn dare send me Evan Longoria! Lol, no, you can but it'll go right into my tradebox, probably to end up with Tim B. eventually.

    1. Thanks Gav.

      In that case I might as well trade with Tim B. directly.

  5. Wow. Just WOW! A big congrats on those packs. If I ever had that kind of luck I'd go out and buy a Powerball ticket right away.