Monday, June 13, 2016

Meeting The Goose In Staten Island

So Saturday morning was a ton of fun. Why?

I was back in Staten Island!

The season doesn't start until the 18th (a week from now) but like 2014 and 2015, the Staten Island Yankees were doing another season kick off promotion where you could get an autograph of a retired major leaguer (a Yankee) with the purchase of a ticket to any game during the season.

It's not like the autograph guest was some obscure bench player from the 80's either, it was Goose Gossage!

After waiting in line for roughly 30 minutes I got to meet Goose Gossage, shook his hands, took some pics of him and exchanged some "how you doing?"s.

Of course I had him sign my 1979 Topps card for my set. IMHO this is wicked cool. The HOF inscription was a nice touch too. I love it.
PS quick shout out to Mark Hoyle for sending me this Goose all those moons ago (I think it was Mark, right Mark?).

This is also my very first IP autograph here in 2016. This means I've already knocked off another goal I made for myself this year. Not too bad for my first IP autograph this year eh?

After I got Gossage's autograph I headed to the team gift shop to buy one thing.

This large autographed card of Thairo Estrada (with a wallet card cameo to show how large this card is). I bought a copy last year but I gave that to Thairo himself as a thank you present. This is for my personal collection. The store even gave me a $5 discount.

After this I headed towards the field.

And actually stepped foot on the field. The Staten Island Yankees were doing a fun thing where you could have a free batting practice session right on the field. Although it was done at second base and not home plate because, what baseball fan can hit a home run in a MiLB ballpark? Note, I did not hit a home run (it's hard!).

It was all pretty cool actually. This was the first time I got to go on the field in the three years I've been visiting this ballpark.

I got to sit in the dugout and see what the players usually see.

Of course my favorite part of the ballpark is probably the exposed bullpen. It's not isolated away from the fans. The relievers are on a bench in front of the fans.

I left earlier than I would've liked due to A). my hunger and B). my concerns about the weather not allowing me to go home via the ferry (thanks a lot Paul! ;)).

I also got to talk with Jim Waggoner who writes for Staten Island Live (read his story on the Gossage appearance BTW). According to him the Yankees are putting together a roster for the SI Yankees now that the draft is over (or will be over when this post goes up) and they're expected to arrive in SI around Wednesday in time for media day on Thursday. Will Blake Rutherford be among them? I freaking hope so.

Anyway that was my pretty awesome day today.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

2016 IP Auto Count: 1


  1. Wow - what a deal! For the price of tickets you were probably already going to buy several of throughout the season anyway, you got a HOF'er autograph and batting practice on the field? You can't beat that.

  2. Yeah, you have to love MiLB promotions! Fantastic start to the IP auto count!

  3. I'm getting pumped for the Black Bears season. I'll probably end up at more of their games this year than Pirates because my schedule is so busy in the summer.

    Goose Gossage! Right now he is the front runner for rant of the year when he went off about how baseball is run by "a bunch of nerds."

    Did you practice your bat flipping when you were hitting?

    1. Your Black Bears return to SI this year, this time in the regular season.

      I did think about having Gossage sign that 2016 Topps card of Jose Bautista bat flipping but I opted against it.
      And not really. All I could think about what was actually hitting the baseball.

  4. Goose's signature is so nice! Love that Thairo too!

    Looks like a great day! It's always fun to walk around on a pro field.

  5. Excellent job taking advantage of a great deal! I've met Goose twice now - he's such a nice guy. My dad loves talking about hunting with him.

    1. Thanks Drew. Yeah he's very nice and friendly.

  6. I think it was. Great auto from the Goose

    1. Thanks Mark (and I mean that in more ways than one).