Monday, July 11, 2016

Getting Scrappy

This past weekend the Mahoning Valley Scrappers were in town. They're the NYPL affiliate of the Cleveland Indians.

As you all may recall, one of my collecting buddies in Japan is a Cleveland Indians fan. Well if you don't you, you know now. My friend Anco really likes the Indians (apparently because he watched the movie Major League and went on to root for the Tribe) and his wife Kinako does too. I've met both in person and we've had a ton of fun trans-Atlantic trades over the years.

So to boost my end of our latest trade I got some autographs of future Indians players from the Scrappers. Normally I don't get autographs for the sole purpose of giving them away, but in this case I think I can make an exception since Anco-san lives in another country and can't get these otherwise.

I got this 4x6 photograph of Gabriel Mejia signed and personalized for Anco-san and Kinako-san. At first Mejia didn't really get that I wanted an inscription but thanks to some awkward broken Spanish (thanks Spanish 101!) he managed to get what I was trying to ask of him (thanks Mejia!).

I also got a NYPL ball I had signed by as many players as I could muster. Key highlights (IMHO) include Triston McKenzie (who I had sign the sweet spot) and Logan Ice (the Indians' second rounder).

Of course I did get a few autographs for myself. Not on the Scrappers obviously. But on the Yankees.

Like one of the Pinstripe Patrol cheerleaders. Her name is Lucille "Lulu" Czerniuk and she's been a member of the dance team in Staten Island since 2015.

Here's Angel Aguilar. A guy I've wanted an autograph of for so long. Angel Aguilar was recently demoted from Charleston to Staten Island and I managed to get an autograph of his from last year's Charleston set.
What's really notable about Aguilar is that his current story is really gripping. Grace Raynor wrote this fantastic piece on Aguilar for The Post and Courier, about how Aguilar is worried for his mother living in Venezuela. For those of you not in the know, Venezuela's really crazy right now (and that's putting it very mildly). Food shortages, lack of supplies, violence, riots, it's all there and it's horrifying. Aguilar's father and stepmother are in the US, but Aguilar's mother and several other relatives of his are still in Venezuela. And nobody knows what the next day will bring for either of them. It's a really sad situation. I wish the best for all of them and Venezuela as a whole.

I actually got this Austin DeCarr from a friend of mine who also collects autograph in person. He got this DeCarr signed back when DeCarr made his first start in Staten Island over a week ago. At the time I didn't think he'd be in Staten Island long so I asked my friend who was going to get his autograph for me. Little did I know that I'd meet him anyway a few days later. #Life

Speaking of DeCarr, DeCarr was the pitcher for the first game in this three game set on Friday.
That game went rather well for the Yankees. It was delayed for nearly an hour due to rain but the Yankees managed to play and defeat the Scrappers 5-3.

Torrens was in Staten Island for this series and it eventually proved to be his last.

Yep, right after the Sunday game Torrens was assigned to class-A Charleston. Well deserved. Torrens already showed that he could handle the competition at the NYPL two years ago. Now he can show off his stuff in South Carolina.

I originally had planned on going to the Sunday game but I got sick and couldn't go. Oh well. I already gave Torrens a parting gift on Sunday just in case.

The game on Friday was actually delayed due to rain. The game started an hour later so I couldn't really stay too long. On the bright side it gave me an extra hour to try and get autographs. I think standing in the cold rain might've been a reason why I got sick. Hmm...

The game went well for the Yankees. The series as a whole turned out pretty well for them actually. The SI Yankees took two of three from the Scrappers and the Yankees remain in first place of their division.

So, anything else worth commenting on?

Well July 8th was Fueled By Ramen day
Basically it was commemorating the 20th anniversary of Fueled By Ramen records, the only record label where you can find mainstream rock music anymore. You might know some of their artists like Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots, Fun. and Gym Class Heroes.

They gave out this sampler. Of which I only know like four acts. Two I give a pass to (I enjoy Panic At The Disco, don't judge me!), one I think is dreadfully awful and the last I think is dreadfully boring. When it comes to this sort of rock aimed towards teens/twenty somethings I lean more towards the kind of band you see on t-shirts of at Hot Topic (Pierce The Veil 4ever!) but I might as well hope for something good in here.

*Apparently the Saturday game was Star Wars night. Cool I guess. But I don't have my Kanan Jarrus costume ready, and I forgot my Captain Rex helmet in Japan. *Fart noise*

*Also the Sunday game was the Special Olympics day. Very cool.

Alright, so that was my latest SIY experience. Sad to see Torrens go but it'll be really fun to see what he can do at a higher level. He's ready.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

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  1. Becoming an Indians fan from watching Major League is awesome!

  2. I just sent out a package of Indians to another blogger, but you'll get my next stack for Anco.
    Can't wait to see what Torrens can do for Charleston. The River Dogs won the 1st half crown and are guaranteed a playoff spot in September. Hopefully Luis can lead them to a Sally League title!

    1. Hopefully. Torrens can do great things when healthy.

  3. Oh man.....I'm going to send some Indians to you. I have a ton.....

  4. Mahoning Valley got its team from my town, Watertown, back in 1999. These days all upstate N.Y. can field is college teams or really, really, really independent baseball.

    1. Shame, upstate NY has a great deal of baseball history. Maybe the areas just aren't marketable enough to entice baseball teams.