Monday, August 22, 2016

Card Show Pickups: Meeting A Fellow Blogger

This year has been all about refraining from spending money on baseball cards for me. I think I've spent relatively little on cards this year (don't quote me on that) and a big reason is probably because I don't go to the card show anymore.

In ye olden times I'd go to every card show. IP autographs, fun pickups, trade bait for fellow collectors, the works.

In recent times I'm finding that the shows are very lackluster. For one thing the local shows skew more towards major leaguers or vintage. That's all fine and dandy but that doesn't help me. Especially not if the major leaguers are overpriced and the vintage (more specifically post-WWII vintage) market has a chance of bottoming out when the older generations die out.
For another thing, the card show doesn't even have decent trade bait offerings anymore. I need Buccos, Cubbies and Doyers of a reasonable quality at bargain rate prices. New York used to offer that because those teams sucked. Also the entrance fee is too expensive (you know how much I could buy with $10?!).

But I decided to go this time for the heck of it. I needed some Luis Torrens cards and maybe the card show might be able to offer me some needs (spoilers, it didn't).

Also, I got to meet Drew from Drew's Hot Corner. This marks the second time I've met a blogger live in person and the first time I've done so on US soil.

I gave Drew one or two cards that I saved for him and we walked around the show talking baseball, cards, life in general, etc... It was pretty fun since Drew and I are pretty much around the same age (I'm as old as James Kaprielian, he's as old as Drew Finley).

One of the key pickups was this Ian Clarkin refractor auto. I traded some prospect cards including two Gary Sanchezes and a Dominic Smith auto (NYM). Unless the autograph is less than $2, I always opt for trades. This one just helped me be one step closer to completing the 2013 Bowman Chrome Yankees team set (more on that another time).

I guess the other key pickup was this Topps Chrome autograph of James Pazos. Pazos' signature has eluded me for basically forever and it was nice to get this out of the way.

Also here's Brandon Laird. I needed this for the 2011 Bowman Chrome Yankees Prospect team set. This is the refractor version as well numbered 284/500. Laird played for the Yankees and Astros before going over to Japan. He seems to be doing okay with the Nippon Ham Fighters.

Also this Yimi Garcia to serve as trade-bait for LAD collectors.

Drew and I walked around the various stands and bins for nearly two hours. There were zero dime boxes or any real bargain bins. There were some nice deals here and there but nothing that either of us ABSOLUTELY NEEDED TO HAVE LIKE OMG!!! We talked to some dealers, brought up prospect conversations. In the end I was able to convince some that Torrens is going to be the hybrid of Johnny Bench and Ted Williams.

So all in all I spent the same amount of money as the entrance fee (I bought some supplies too). I was prepared to sell some cards just in case something noteworthy came up but that wasn't the case this time.

So after that Drew showed me his famous Mickey Mantle photograph with an autograph of basically every notable Yankee ever (that's still alive) on it. He had just gotten Bernie Williams on it earlier in the day and it was a pretty cool piece.

After we said our goodbyes in the parking lot I went to a local Target to get some food and to get some cards. I found a 24-card rack pack of Topps Bunt for $3. I decided to take a shot on it.

I got four Yankees. None of which I'd call remotely close to favorites (TLC is getting most of them though).

Some hall of famers.

These inserts are kind of meh to me.

I think I got something good here. Apparently these are called a "platinum parallel" and are included in one in every 16 packs according to the odds. Unfortunately it's Salvador Perez who has some of the worst plate discipline on Earth. Oh well, we all know who the REAL greatest catcher from Venezuela will be anyway.

All in all it was a pretty good day. I met a fellow blogger and that made an otherwise lackluster card show better.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Nice! Very cool that you got to hang out with Drew for a bit.

    I dropped you a PWE this morning and the McCann Bunt was actually in there (didn't expect you to buy any so was going to give you a sampling...shows what I know). Glad you didn't land the Harpers though, as those are coming your way.

    1. Yeah it was definitely cool to hang out with a fellow blogger.

      And yay... :P.

  2. I'm liking the Topps Bunt set. It has the fun quirky look that Opening Day should have.

    If you say something bad about Perez a KC fan will rip your head off. He is a god to them. You are right about the plate discipline though, it has been several years since his obp. has been above .300. His best skillset is his toughness. He is probably the most durable catcher out there.

    1. Well Perez is so huge that he can just sit there and the ball will come to him like a guy throwing a ball at a wall.

  3. Sounds like a great day! I've met a few bloggers in person now and it's been a terrific experience.

    I think I've jumped aboard the Topps Bunt bandwagon. I bought a 36-pack box of it for just a little more than a blaster of most other products would cost. It's not a standout set or anything, but it's hard to beat that price point when you just have the urge to open some packs.

    1. Yeah I definitely can't complain about the price.