Monday, August 1, 2016

Pleasant Surprise

It just dawned on me that very few of the baseball cards I had in Japan are with me right now. Even more significant is that very few of the cards I'd consider the very most important ones in my collection, were acquired in Japan.

I was in Japan from mid 2007 to early 2013 and was only a collector for one and 1/2 of those years. So admittedly it's not like there was an extended window of time where I accumulated a bunch of cards. Furthermore, none of my key PC guys even had baseball cards back then. Luis Torrens made his card debut in 2013 Bowman Chrome, Thairo Estrada in 2014 Bowman Chrome, etc...

Some of the few cards I still have from back then are my completed 2012 Sega Card Gen base set, my Jeter auto, some other Yankees autograph cards, and one pleasant surprise from my "good cards box" (formerly my hits box).

Like this Chris Sale autograph from 2010-11 ITG.

I remember picking this up as a single from a card shop in Tokyo back in 2012 for 300 yen (aprox. $3 USD). It's easy to see why it was so cheap. Even in 2012 people still thought Sale was going to be a reliever instead of turning into the best lefty in the American League. Also it's unlicensed and the airbrushed hat makes it looks somewhat ugly. Although it does make it easier to photoshop an interlocking NY logo on it. Sidenote, it appears as though some things have happened between Sale and the White Sox, trade him to the Yankees I say.

Anyway, I recently found this autograph in my box. I'm pleasantly surprised to see it A). still in my procession and B). going for nearly double or even quintuple what I initially paid for it (if completed eBay auctions are to be believed).

Supposedly this is the silver version. According to Beckett this is also a "Close Up Autograph" and numbered to 190.

Very nice to be find with this card that's crossed the ocean with me again.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Always nice to go back through some old cards and realize you have a few gems. Great card.

  2. Yes, that hat is perfect for adding a NY to it. Do you think the WSox would take Frazier, Torres and Sheffield for Sale? :P