Thursday, November 3, 2016

Four Months of Baseball Card Sobriety

Right so I'm currently on a baseball card hiatus, which is convenient because I'm on my way to accomplishing my goal of six months of no baseball card purchases.

This past month was fairly easy to navigate through. I've seen offerings of recent products on eBay and Target and I'm always left so underwhelmed that I sometimes questioned why I even collected cards in the first place.

But then I realize that very few products that come out in October ever peaked my interest and just went about with the month.

While I'm on this hiatus some of you may be wondering how I've been getting by and passing time. Well for the most part time has gone towards my personal life and my academic life. I also got back into music (albeit briefly) to fill up the void somewhat.

I had quite a lot of fun writing that "What I've Been Listening To" post. I am working on a followup and hopefully I can share more acts I like for various reasons with the rest you (I'm also hoping that we can get more commentary from Tony).

During this time what's really filled the void was probably me being reintroduced to Yu-Gi-Oh! I've got several posts on this card game in the works but let me just say that it's been fun going back to this card game that was pretty significant to my childhood. As a kid I didn't know the rules. I just had a few cards that I thought were cool. Fast forward to now, I finally understand some of the rules and now have a deck that'd be annihilated in an instant in a legitimate tournament.

One of the posts I have in the works isn't so much about the card game (because I doubt my regular readers will care), but more about using what I know about the card collecting hobby in the realm of baseball cards and applying that to the other realm of trading card games made for table top gaming. In some ways there are a lot of similarities, but there are also a lot of differences too. I hope to get that post done and posted before the rest of the YGO posts actually.

So true to this post's title, I've now gone four months without any baseball card purchases. I still have a cardboard addiction but it's just taken on a different form. Yay?

So as for the few baseball card related things I actually did do this past month, here are some/all of them.

First things first, I did send out my first wave of year-end Zappings. Some of you may have seen some Zappings on your blogger feeds in recent times. You might be next (note, if your name is Gavin you are DEFINITELY next).

Second, I have kept up in the trading realm of the hobby. Not as much I used to but still enough that some packages and PWE's from friends like Johnny, Night Owl, P-Town Tom and Mark Hoyle have trickled in. Thanks all!

Third, I actually went to Topps HQ in downtown Manhattan.

Now I didn't go inside it because I didn't care enough to (also I doubt they offer tours), but I did like how this building just had the Topps logo on it atop the entrance doors.

Also the part above the Topps logo makes it appear as though it's inspired by the 2007 Topps motif.

The funny thing is that I've walked past this building numerous times. This is basically two or three blocks away from the Staten Island Ferry terminal. And yet it was just recently that I realized it was there. I mean I knew Topps HQ was in NYC, but downtown NYC? I wasn't expecting that.

And one final baseball card related thing I've seen are announcements of 2017 products. By now we've seen designs and everything for various products set to come next year. Everything that isn't a throwback set basically looks like Stadium Club now (all of you who wanted Stadium Club back congrats, now everything is Stadium Club).

The most notable development out of all of these was that Blake Rutherford is going to have his first Bowman (chrome) card in 2017. What does that mean? It means that Ruthorford's not going to be in Draft. Probably an insert (most likely a dual insert with Nick Solak or James Kaprelian). Which sucks. This means Yankees fans like me have to wait until next year for the first Bowman Chrome autograph of Blake Rutherford. But oh well. At least this means that there'll be less of an impulse to get his cards (if he has any) from Draft now.

So here we are. Four months of no baseball card purchases down, two more to go.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Well, with Rutherford not being in Draft that should help you reach January without being too tempted to by baseball cards.
    I like the 2017 Bowman design, but I'm not quite sure what is happening around the team logo in the lower right.

    1. I suppose you're right.

      As for the team logo thing, I think I saw something like it on ESPN once.

  2. I was so ready for the Rutherford autos to come out too. Bummed that we'll have to wait longer, but at least it will keep you from buying anything!

    1. I agree Drew. I was ready too. Oh well, we'll just have to wait for next year.