Friday, November 25, 2016

What If?

Someone once asked me what would happen if Luis Torrens ever left the Yankees. Whether via trade or by some other unfortunate circumstance.

Last year my friend P-Town Tom lost a key PC player to the Rule 5 Draft, is it my turn now? Well with LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSS being Rule 5 Draft eligible today, I figure I'd see what would happen in a multitude of situations.

Best Case Scenario

Obviously the best case scenario is that Luis Torrens enjoys a long and fruitful career, all in pinstripes ala Jorge Posada. Is expecting a prospect who's yet to reach double-A to be like a HoF caliber catcher fair? Well if it's Luis Torrens of course it is!

In all seriousness though, I do know that this is the ideal situation because it's the one that might not happen. Which sucks. It's too early to say it won't happen (and I refuse to admit that it won't) but there are other ways things could go.

Worst Case Scenario

To be honest the worst case scenario would be him never even making it to the big leagues and flaming out. Not from a collector's perspective (the $aving$!), but from a fan's perspective. I'd at least like to say I saw Torrens in the big leagues. Even if it's not with the Yankees.

Other Teams?

Right so here's where the question of what would Torrens on other teams be like (to me) begins. My initial opinion would depend on which team Torrens ends up going to. If he's a member of a team I like, I won't mind. If he's a member of a team I usually don't acknowledge the existence of, it'll annoy me for like five seconds because I have to care about that team now. If he's a member of a team I don't like, well fuck.

Like for example...

Torrens on the Dodgers? I approve very highly. Just watch as the master backstop turns the sad collection of bowlers that Dodgers fans' reluctantly call a "bullpen" into a collection of Mariano Riveras.

Torrens on the Rockies? Ugh, if Torrens ends up being as great as I think he will then he'll be in trade rumors every summer and winter for what will feel like a hundred years. What a nightmare.

Torrens on the Red Sox? Blarg! Forget what I said about the Rockies, this is the real nightmare.

Right so how about the teams that will likely try to claim Torrens during the Rule 5?

Well I keep hearing the Angels. They stink, Billy Eppler was Cashman's right hand man meaning he knows about Torrens, they're bad enough to actually keep Torrens on the 40 man all season and actually have that be an improvement, etc...

There's also the Braves. They need a catcher (they were in on McCann) and they do have ex-Yankees scouts from when Torrens was first entering the system. They need somebody to catch their future 25-man roster of primarily pitchers.

Ultimately he could go to any of the 29 teams. Having one of the premier catching prospects in the game is a big gain for any team regardless of how he's barely played above rookie ball.

To be honest, I kinda doubt Torrens' Yankees tenure will really end with the Rule 5 but crazier things have happened (seriously, look at the insane stuff that's happened this year, the Cubs fucking won a World Series title!), or I'm just in denial. Even so, this basically just means that if he gets taken away and stays with his new team, I can at least stop worrying about having to chase down new cards of his. Temporarily.

So whatever happens, well it happens. Because it won't change the past (or the fact that humans will go extinct before the year 3000 AD, and the sun will explode and destroy this planet in a few billion light years). Peace.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Looking forward to him enjoying a long career with the Yankees and Pirates.

  2. Boston will get him. Just you wait and see...

  3. As an A's fan... I'm always asking myself the exact opposite thing. What if the Athletics actually keep a player for more than three seasons?

    1. That has it's own set it benefits though. A rollercoaster ride called the Billy Beane experience.

  4. If not the Yankees, then I predict he ends up with the Brew Crew or the Marlins.
    (Secretly, I hope it's the Mariners, because then we can both be closet M's fans.)

  5. You know it is going to be the Pirates! If you are rule 5 though you have to stay on the 25 man not the 40 man, right? I don't think he'll go anywhere. It is hard enough to stash a reliever let alone a position player.

    1. Well if the Pirates stink enough they might be able to keep Torrens all season long and have it not be matter.

      In truth though, this is why teams like the Angels and Braves worry me. They've pretty much punted on 2017, they can keep Torrens around all season long if they wanted to.

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  7. No one guessed Padres. As soon as I saw the rule 5 results I thought of this blog.

    1. Thanks Bo. Honestly I was startled as anyone, but life goes on.

  8. Sorry to hear about LUUUUIIIISSSSSS getting picked and traded to the Friars.
    Much like the Vogelmonster, it's probably a good move for his professional career, but a bad deal for us fans. There's still a chance he doesn't make the team and gets sent back east... don't give up hope!

    1. I'm kind of hoping he stays in San Diego. Much easier for me lol.