Thursday, January 19, 2017

Profile: Y. Yoshizawa

I went back and forth when thinking about how to show off the cards I got in Japan on this blog. I thought of devoting one giant post that encompassed all of the stuff I got but such a post is problematic. If nothing else than because having too many cards in one post takes attention away from cards that probably deserve it/would get it if the post maybe had a little less going on.

With that I figure I'd showcase the cards I got by posts centered on the individuals on the cards. So posts dedicated to individual players and card subjects.

A lot of the baseball players require some research so I thought I'd start this new kind of blogging (for me) off with a Japanese gravure/porn actress, Yuki Yoshizawa. A Twitter poll I put up all but cemented this post would come out first as well.

Truth be told I didn't even know this Yoshizawa person did porn until I started doing research for this post. I just thought she was another pretty face in the vast gravure model world of Japan. Technically she is but she apparently switched at one point.

Yoshizawa's been active in the industry since 2015 and the 24 year old has already appeared in several adult films and is probably going to be in more as time goes on.

The cards in this post come from a set called the 恵比寿マスカッツ(Ebisu Muscats) Vol. 1. The Ebisu Muscats are a Japanese idol group made up of Japanese porn actresses. And of course the powers at be made a card set for them.

Even though these models have all been nude at one point on camera, none of these cards feature any nudity. The base set just has six of these actresses in a white two piece swimsuit against a black backdrop.

The backs just have these models in more colorful swimsuits, usually posing in a chair or seat in front of a wall.

The set does have special short prints, and of course the women are wearing more clothes in those cards than in the base set.

Like any card set devoted to idols, the set also features some "BOX PRIVILEGE" cards. Basically another set of short prints that come one per box.

There are also relic cards and such in this set but I didn't buy any boxes so none of those cards for me. I do have like 10 unopened packs though so who knows, I might be holding onto something good.

You know, reflecting on this post made me realize that what was supposed to be a post about the person depicted on the card turned into a post about product the card is from. I'll have to focus and have a better way of going about these profile posts in the future.

Something just kept distracting me this time. I don't know what though.

Still, I think I'm onto something. Showing various cards of the same person at a time to make a post. Hopefully I can find a groove and turn this into a regular fixture on this blog with more time and with more posts. Luckily this post will be carried by the cards.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

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