Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I just came back from a little vacation visiting my motherland (Japan). Those of you who read Ryan's blog This Card Is Cool probably read about the junk I gave him.

While fighting off fatigue and jet lag, I am bringing you this post. Mainly to announce that I have a new collection.

The rumors are true, I'm not collecting the Yankees anymore. Not that I was ever much of a big Yankees buff to begin with.

Now I'm a Chunichi Dragons collector. Why? Well because dragons in general are awesome (even if the team is a little lackluster right now). Also, the Dragons are technically a local team for me too so, why the heck not?

But I know that Dragons cards aren't exactly plentiful in the US so I guess an unofficial collection can be "Foreigners Who Played Baseball For The Dragons (Or In Japan In General)."

Currently the Chunichi Dragons has the following ex-MLBers:
*Alex Guerrero (LAD 2014-2016)
*Elvis Araujo (PHI 2015-2016)
*Jorge Rondon (STL 2014, COL/BAL 2015, PIT 2016)
*Raul Valdez (NYM 2010, STL/NYY 2011, PHI 2012-2013, HOU 2014)
*Jordan Norberto (ARI 2010, OAK 2011-2013)
*Dayan Viciedo (CWS 2010-2014)

And as far as ex-MLBers in Japan in general go the list expands to the likes of Brandon Laird and various others. And when you add in "all time" you can have everybody from Bobby Castillo to Phil Clark. I'll supply a followup post at a later time so people can know exactly who is on my radar.

That said, calling this a "personal collection" might be a bit misleading. At best this is just a collection of cards of gaijin I can accumulate and then pawn off in Japan to give me discounts for the NPB stuff I actually want.

Speaking of which, I went pretty wild on this vacation with Dragons singles (and boxes). I'll have posts coming up for that. As well as posts centered on non-Dragons NPB stuff, trades, half-naked Japanese women, etc...

Here's a sampling of what's to come.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Looking forward to seeing the bounty! Somewhat similarly, I've got a small collection of Cubs who have played in Japan.

    I've also picked the BayStars as my Japanese team, mostly because I found a t-shirt at Goodwill that fit me perfectly. It's the little things.

    1. Thanks Tony. And nice, I lived in Yokohama for a while so I definitely approve of the BayStars. In fact, you'll probably like one of the things I brought back with me.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your trip on Ryan's blog. Sounds awesome! Good luck with the new collecting focus.

  3. Half naked Japanese women? You have my attention.