Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Finds From 2011

One of my favorite parts of going back to Japan is reuniting with my old cards from my first two years in the hobby (2011 and 2012). I didn't bring all of the cards back with me to the states, but I did bring a few notable ones I knew I needed to bring back.

The other day Fuji brought up the question of hidden gems within our collections, well here was one. A Mike Trout rookie card from 2011 Topps Update.

It's authentic folks. It's not a reprint. I'm debating on dishing out the money to have this thing graded by BGS, apparently this is worth a lot of money.

Same with this (although this is slightly worth a little less). Pulled from a box of Heritage Minors. It's just the base, but hey it's still a Trout RC.

I pulled some more notables out of my old Heritage Minors box like this tinted Harvey...

...this tinted Hamilton (remember when he was the hottest thing in the prospect world?)...

...and this tinted Arenado.

I have a few more tinted parallels of random nobodies too, but they're going to various bloggers in future Zappings.

There was a point where I was a huge Jose Bautista fan/collector. I even had this BoChro autograph of him as a Pirate from 2006.

Alright, from this point is on is where we stray from the unearthed "treasure" and go more into just a quick glance at 2011/2012. A simpler time all things considered.

A time when Hunter Pence was an Astro (and would later be traded to the Phillies).

Or when the Blue Jays had a bonafide ace in Ricky Romero who looked to anchor their starting rotation in the post Halladay era.

The Mariners somehow managed to make every draft pick and free agent they got terrible. Chone Figgins was a great example of that. From an Angel in the outfield to an Emerald City dud.

The man with the forearms that people can't help but stare at. Dan Uggla used to be really good until he fell of a cliff.

Adam Dunn was downright terrible in 2011. But was better following 2011. I miss Adam Dunn.

Mat Latos as a Padre, much like his former teammate Heath Bell, his post-Padres career would go very downhill.

Remember when every blogger kept constantly scanning/showing this card? Tosoni has been out of affiliated ball since 2013 but at least we'll always have this huge Budweiser ad to honor his existence.

Highly touted prospects-turned-rookies. Who would've thought that these two would actually go on to win a World Series title.

Remember when Profar was the biggest prospect in all of baseball in 2012? Good times. Also, prospects will break your heart.

I never would've guessed that J.D. Martinez would have success with the Tigers. I thought he'd disappear like a lot of Astros prospects at the time like Brian Bogusevic.

Before Logan Forsythe was one of the Rays' many Yankees killers, he was a youngster for the Padres. Now he's in Los Angeles after being part of the Jose De Leon trade.

If you had told me in 2011 that Dustin Ackley was going to be a Yankee in 2015, I would've been ecstatic. Unfortunately the way in which he fell from grace and how he was picked up as a spare piece was rather sad. Prospects will break your heart.

Who would've thought that six years after this card was made, these two would be on arch rivals in the same division. The days when you could say you were a Chapman fan are long gone. Feel free to disagree, but in my books they really are.

Okay I think I'll end this Buzzfeed-ish list of shallow references to the past with this immortal card of Balfour screaming at something. Remember when Balfour was a thing?

Looking back on this post, there's probably nothing really "valuable" in terms of money (outside of the Trouts), but for me personally these cards teleport me back to a fun year for me. I was happy in Japan, I was going to college, I met up with Ryan, (among other things). 2011 was special for me in my real life and the connection these cards have with that year is what I assume many of you have with special sets in your own collecting lives (like Night Owl Cards and 1975 Topps).

And if you're wondering where the Bowman prospects are, they're all still back in Japan (unless I dumped them onto Ryan). Knowing what I know now, I would go back and buy cases of Bowman Chrome to get as many Harper autos as I could. Good grief, you should see what those bad boys are going for.

Anyway thanks so much for going on this silly trip with me back to the year 2011. It's scary how we're closer to 2021 than we are to 2011.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Awesome look back! I bought only one blaster of 2011 Update and pulled the Trout (which I then got signed TTM). Man, wish I bought more!

    I'm pretty shocked the Yankees never got Figgins in a Vernon Wells-type deal.

  2. I think it was Gavin that said that Trout rookie is this generations 89 Upper Deck card 1.

  3. I had the liquorfractor of that Trout RC at one point and sold it upon discovering the insane prices it was commanding (which have just about doubled since I sold it).

  4. Great look back at 2011. Seems like yesterday, but it was actually a long time ago.

  5. Finding some awesome PC pieces is always great!