Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Takuya Kinoshita

Out of all of the player autographs I picked up this winter, Takuya Kinoshita's autograph here cost me the most. A whopping 4,800 yen (roughly $48).

Of course the card being limited to 50 copies is a key reason why.

There's also the fact that this is technically a rookie card auto. According to some of my friends and contacts over in Japan, the rookie cards and rookie autographs go for the most, but then the prices fall off the map for all future autographs. Pretty much like autographs by American brands, the Bowman Chrome autographs go for the big bucks, while any of the post-MLB debut autographs go for significantly less.

Takuya Kinoshita originally played for Toyota Motor's team in the industrial league in Japan for a while before being drafted by the Dragons in the third round of the 2015 NPB Player Draft. He finally made it to the big league Dragons in 2016, even though he only appeared in nine games total.

Facsimile Silver Auto

With the Dragons' former manager/catcher Motonobu Tanishige getting screwed over by the Dragons into an forced/awkward retirement, Kinoshita looks to be the Dragons' everyday catcher of the future. At the very least he's in the mix. He has some line drive power that'll allow himself to sneak a few extra base hits into the outfield, with a few dingers here and there. Defensively Kinoshita's arm is said to be a perfect cannon, and his blocking techniques are advanced for his age (25). The total combination of Kinoshita's bat and glove makes him (at least for me) the one catcher the Dragons has (out of seven total) with the most potential. I'd very much like to see Kinoshita take over as the everyday catcher and have Iori Katsura (who will be the topic of another post for another day) take the backup catcher duties.

Facsimile Silver Auto Back #'d 038/100

So yeah, these are exciting times for the Dragons backstop. He got married two months ago, he's in the mix for a full time job as a baseball player, he's prominent enough to be in my banner pic, he must be high on life right now.

So for now Kinoshita is basically the Luis Torrens of the Dragons for me. If I ever go all in on a Dragons guy, it'll most likely be him.

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  1. As I was reading this post I kept feeling this sense of deja vu... then I realized, he is Luis Torrens 2.0.
    FYI, you've probably run into this blog, but on the off chance you haven't I thought I would suggest it:

    1. Yeah I know NPB card guy. And yeah, Kinoshita is basically Torrens 2.0.

  2. Holy crap... that signature is beautiful!