Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Iori Katsura

The other day I blogged about my new player collection, Takuya Kinoshita. The Dragons' up and coming catcher who pretty much all of you were quick to point out as being "Luis Torrens 2.0". Well here's another player collection of another up and coming catcher for the Dragons, Torrens 3.0 basically.

None other than Iori Katsura! With a powerful signature that's so big that it didn't even fit on the sticker.

Oh well, at least it's numbered to 60.

Iori Katsura was drafted by the Chunichi Dragons in the third round of the 2013 NPB Player Draft.  Katsura's professional career didn't start off on a high note as he got a case of the yips in 2014 and injuries took him out of commission for the year. Despite that he managed to bounce back and is now seen as another future mainstay behind the plate for the Dragons in the post-Tanishige era.

Unlike Kinoshita, Katsura is more of a glove first catcher. He has a cannon for an arm that can gun down even the best of the would be base stealers. Some scouts say he can throw ball from the plate to second base in 1.85 seconds. His receiving skills have also been praised as being very advanced. Unfortunately his bat lags behind tremendously.

Although Katsura's had some personal highlights like his first hit and first home run during his brief cups of coffee with the big league Dragons, he's still only managed to hit for a .223 BABIP (stat courtesy of プロ野球ヌルデータ置き場), but when he makes contact he can drive them into the bleachers.

In an ideal world I'd suppose that Kinoshita would be the everyday catcher and Katsura would be the defense-first catcher who catches every other day. Although in the NPB they have four catchers so... :P. For whatever it's worth, I have heard that Katsura gets along well with foreign pitchers who prefer to have Katsura be their designated catcher. Part of me wants to think "Yes! Come to the MLB!" I mean hey, if Chris Stewart can stick around and have an MLB career why can't Katsura?

2016 proved to be a bit of down year of Katsura due to how pain in his left knee kept him out of action a lot, but Katsura is determined to be in the mix for the everyday catching job that's very much up for grabs.

I mean the guy plays baseball with glasses/goggles and has one of the best bat flips ever, how could you not root for the guy?

Anyway, there was Luis 3.0. I'll have to dedicate a page to him too now I suppose.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

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