Saturday, April 1, 2017

It's Happened!

Even though today is/was the one day of the year where everybody assumes everybody else is a liar (jokes on you, us New Yorkers assume everybody is a liar everyday) actual things do happen.

Like for example, Luis Torrens has made the San Diego Padres' MLB roster as a backup catcher. According to Juan Aguilarte, Luis Torrens was told he was making the club on Friday (3/31/2017). This is also consistent with how Torrens' Instagram feed has suggested he was making the 25-man roster. As well as how it was made official yesterday by AJ Cassavell that Christian Bethancourt would be used as a pitcher, catcher and possibly an outfielder. Earlier this week Bill Center suggested that if Bethancourt is used as a pitcher (or really anything other than a catcher) Torrens would make the club. And well, it looks like that's what has happened.


Second, Torrens is a big leaguer now folks! And given my luck he'll be one of the token Padres rookies Topps/Panini/Bowman decides to insert in every product this year regardless of how much he actually contributes!

But never mind that now, because Torrens made it to the show!

I was on the fence about whether this would happen when I first heard Torrens was drafted by the Reds (and later traded to the Padres) in the Rule 5 Draft. On one hand, the Padres are very bad (I'm pretty sure they've lost every Spring Training game they played) and could keep Torrens on their roster if they wanted to. They're not going anywhere this year.

But on the other hand, the Padres had some pretty enticing catching options. Nobody knew if the Bethancourt experiment was going to work, if it didn't then he would've likely stayed as the lone backup to Austin Hedges. Plus nobody thought Hector Sanchez would outhit Torrens in the spring and make a serious run at the backup catching job.

But here we are. A few days away from the regular season, and with confirmation that one blog-hero has made it safely.

Torrens will be Hedges' backup

As for what to expect from Torrens, all I can do is shrug. He didn't really hit a whole lot in ST, but he has upped his defensive value quite a lot. He's basically going to be the backup catcher with a lot of question marks about his development and his future.

The Padres retain his contractual rights for now but he has to stay on the MLB-25 man (DL included) for the entire season or else he's a Yankee again. Will Torrens stay on the Padres 25-man all season? I'm not sure. For a normal team he'd be gone if he played poorly but, again, this is the Padres. It's clear they want to keep the prospects they got in the Rule 5 Draft (just look at Allen Cordoba), and even if they stunk at the big league level, nobody would really notice or care. And if you think that's wrong, try and name any active Padre who isn't Wil Myers that I haven't named in this post yet. I thought so.

I guess the Padres can also give up assets to keep Torrens. They already traded away VanMeter to the Reds to get Torrens. The Yankees will obviously be willing to let the Padres keep Torrens for a price (whatever that price is).

Anyway I'm sure Padres GM A.J. Preller and the rest of the front office will cross that bridge when they come to it. As for now, we await an official announcement from the team and count down the days to Opening Day. Buckle up, LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! is here.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. So cool! You are definitely buying his ToppsNOW when he homers in his first AB.

    1. Goodness gracious, I hope TN never makes a card for him.

  2. Cool, I got him to sign a couple of cards after a spring training game this year with your blog in mind.

  3. Congrats! You must be on cloud 9!

    1. I sure am. I know how you felt when Vogelmonster got promoted to the big leagues last year.

  4. Exciting times! Looking forward to him showing up on Padres cards.