Saturday, May 26, 2018


He's just so fucking good.

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Is This a Jinx?

For a while now I've had this quasi-rule (of thumb) that whenever I blog about something I'm going to do, I never do it. That's usually the case because this blog holds no leverage over me or my free will. I could declare anything for my goals at the beginning of the year and I'd probably break them all by day three (and I have).

My most recent "I'm going to do this" thing was to wait until Mats Zuccarello gets traded from the New York Rangers to acquire his autograph.

Now Zuuc being traded wasn't exactly a sure thing, but with the Rangers in the midst of a rebuild and everything, it's not out of the realm of possibility that the veterans still on the Rangers roster (not named Henrik Lundqvist) wind up being traded around the NHL Draft.

Still, I saw an opportunity for an autograph at a decent price and put in a bid, thinking I'd be sniped at the last minute.

Well, whether it's because of the timing (the Rangers season had just ended like two weeks before the auction closed) or because Zuccarello's autographs just aren't huge draws, I won

It's a sticker autograph, but it's a thin card and in a market dominated by thick jersey autographs (which are admittedly cool), it's nice to get something I can just stuff into an ordinary binder page without worrying about it warping.

So right now I have an autograph of a center and two wingers on the Rangers that I really like. All I need are two defensemen (something the Rangers need too) and a Henrik Lundqvist autograph and I can finally participate in the skate around (the hockey equivalent of my bat blog around where you made a starting six).

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Broken Down By Baseball Cards

Prior to yesterday I had roughly nine scheduled posts ready to go. Then I got a PWE from Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown, which threw a monkey wrench into the whole operation and made me move all of them back by having one of those cards that you need to just drop everything and blog about right away inside.

Okay I was wrong, there wasn't just ONE card inside that I dropped the other posts for, there were two.

BOOM x2!!!

Man, Gavin's really outdone himself here. When I first saw these I got super excited. So excited that I only noticed one (the Padres one) and tweeted about that before opening the rest of the envelope and seeing that there was another Yankees one too lmao.

These are magnificent. My favorite player on one my favorite sets/product lines ever. If I ever meet Torrens again you bet I'm going to get these signed. These are just so amazing. Only "issue" I have is that Gavin only gave Luis five/six stars. He's clearly an eight star player and deserves his rare foil parallel too.

Luckily the backs (which are based on the 2009 SCG motif) rectify that minor error by listing him at eight stars there. Except for speed and power (LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS has 10 speed and 11 power), those other statistics are fairly accurate.

You know, I used to joke that Gavin's customs are better than Panini/Donruss' post-Topps-license-exclusivity cards, but after getting these I think that's more of an insult to Gavin's work than a complement. I mean, these cards are fabulous. Panini ain't got shit on these. Heck, not even Topps can compete.

Especially not against this one. You all know how much I talked shit about the rookie card Topps dished out for Topps last year. Well Gavin won't make the mistakes that the people at Topps made. He knows what's up. He knows that an exciting play at the plate (even if it is the post-Buster Posey type) makes for better cards. He also knows that these are exactly the types of quirky unique photographs the real Sega Card Gens would've opted for too (RIP SCG).

There were other cards in the PWE too but they're of the prospect variety and have been added to the huge Yankees prospect post I mentioned I started working on a while ago. This post is/was all about the Card Genified Torrens.

This is so fucking cool. I owe Gavin big time. I'll start by not calling him Garvin to tease him anymore.

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