Monday, April 21, 2014

Awesome Schwag From The Staten Island Yankees

A few weeks ago the Staten Island Yankees were hosting a fun little promotion on Facebook known as #Yanksgiving. You basically had to mention one person that you knew was going to have one heck of a year this year and you (or rather the person you nominated) could've potentially won an assortment of goodies courtesy of the Staten Island Yankees. Unfortunately I never one anything (like always) but the Staten Island Yankees were nice enough to send everybody who participated a compensation prize.

I'm not sure about the other participants but my gift came in a PWE that featured the SI Yanks logo, address and ballpark logo on the top left.

If you look at the letter the Yankees sent me, you'll probably notice that it mentions a certain collector of the lost variety. Well that's because I mentioned/nominated our good friend AJ as the "friend" who was going to have one heck of a year. Partly because nothing beats somebody who's going to have their second child, but also because AJ's the only "friend" I know who's into baseball as much as I am. Most/all of my friends in real life are too busy with school, work or drugs (or all three) to bother going to sports games with me or are currently living in another country. Forever alone, thy name is Zippy Zappy.
So thanks for your help AJ. I'll be bombarding you with a huge stack of Yanks for your help (or I could spot you a ticket if you'd wish).

There were other things in the envelope too like this bookmark. On one side (above) it's ruler on the other side (below) it's the SI Yankees's mascot Scooter The Holy Cow.

The Staten Island Yankees also sent along this ticket voucher for one game during the 2014 regular season. One free professional baseball game is probably the best prize you could ever give to a baseball fan.

So yeah, you can probably see why I'm such a huge fan of the Staten Island Yankees. I'm pretty sure that a lot of other minor league teams and even some major league teams do these kinds of promotions (maybe even on a bigger scale) but I just love supporting my semi-local team.

As always thanks for taking the time to stop by and take care :).
BTW, #BabyBombers is the Staten Island Yankees's official twitter hashtag this year. Take that the other 7 Yankees affiliates! ;).


  1. If you don't work for the SIY, why not? Unless you have a great job already... dream job.

    1. Well all of the part-time positions got filled up before I could ever apply and I'm not qualified or experienced enough for a full-time position.
      Plus I live a good 3-4 hours away from Staten Island. I'm not entirely sure if that would get in the way, but I doubt that that's preferred.

  2. That's a lot of cool stuff. You and AJ should have some fun

  3. Ha I got a kick out of this! Honored that you nominated me and that it received a prize! Very cool!

    1. Thanks for your help AJ. I'll send you a brick (of cards) soon.