Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My First Force Attax Cards!

I'm not a big fan of buying cards on eBay, but when it comes to cards that I just won't be able to find anywhere else (at least not anywhere close to where I am) I find myself pulling the trigger on some cards.

And today we have just that. A little while back I purchased some cards on eBay, a set of cards known as Force Attax. Remember Topps Attax from the late 00's and early 10's? Well this is the Star Wars version that for some reason isn't available in America (the seller was based in the UK). As far as I can tell there are two different themes, one set is focused on the six movies and the other one is for the Star Wars The Clone Wars series (one of my favorite Star Wars related things EVER!).
Now within the Clone Wars themed Force Attax cards there have been a few different versions. Which is a natural thing since as time went on the show introduced new characters and also revamped some character designs. Most notably Ahsoka Tano's clothes and the Clone Troopers gear which started shifting from the designs you saw in Episode II and became the designs you saw in Episode III (and eventually turned into the Stormtrooper helmets seen in Episode IV).
Speaking of clone troopers, the two Force Attax cards I purchased were both clones. Why? Because the clone troopers are my favorite part of the Star Wars franchise, PERIOD. I'll explain why in another post.

Anyway one of cards I bought depicts my all-time favorite Star Wars character, Captain Rex.
Yes you read that right, Captain Rex, a clone trooper captain who didn't appear in any of the movies, is my favorite Star Wars character of all time. I'll elaborate more on why I like Rex in that other post that I'm currently working on, but long story short, he's such a cool character that I can't help but regress back into my inner 8 year old and be so blown away by his coolness that I just start jumping up and down and annoying my parents until they buy me his action figure.
Anyway, the Star Wars version of Topps Attax has two things, a Defense statistic and an Attack statistic. If the rules for the baseball version of Topps Attax is used here, then player A and B must both flip a card at the same time and if the player attacking has a higher attack statistic then the opponent's defense statistic, then he wins. But that's IF the rules are still the same.
As you can see, Rex has 68 defense and 62 attack, which is totally bogus, Rex should have 98 defense and 99 attack.

The other clone trooper I bought was Arch Trooper Fives.
Fives is/was a member of Domino Squad, a group of five clone troopers who were kind of like the clones we (the audience) grows up with. One of best things about the Star Wars The Clone Wars series is that it allows the clones to be fleshed out. We don't see them as the expendable soldiers seen in the movies, we see them as ordinary people who are no different from you or me. And with troopers like Fives, we see the evolution of how a clone cadet (and his squad) are deemed fit for battle, how the clones do when they're introduced to war for the first time, and in Fives' case, how he climbs the ranks from an ordinary clone trooper to an Arch Trooper.
Fives will also be featured in the aforementioned post I'm working on, but during Season 6 (the last season of the Clone Wars), Fives was a pivotal character as he discovered Emperor Palpatine's evil plan (Order 66).
Fives only has a 51 defense and 60 attack, which means that in a battle Captain Rex could take him down without a sweat. Although that's to be expected when somebody goes up against Rex.

I wanted to pick up some more clone troopers but my budget wasn't having it. Hopefully sometime in the future I'll be able to pick up some of the other 501st members like Echo, Kix, Tup, Jesse, Hardcase, Dogma and maybe even non-501st clones like Commander Cody.

As always, thanks for stopping by and take care :).

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