Saturday, December 10, 2016

Followup Thoughts About Torrens The Padre

So following my initial post about Torrens going to San Diego, I really began thinking about the positives of Luis Torrens leaving via the Rule 5 Draft.

Yes it stinks that he's not a Yankees prospect at the moment, but...

In some ways it's worth it just to see Torrens on an official MLB roster.

No Torrens probably won't make it out of spring training with the Padres, yes he could still come back to the Yankees, and yes he could still be claimed by another time by being placed on waivers before having a chance to return to the Yankees.

But you know what. Seeing Torrens in a position where he's that close is something. And it's clear that the Padres are serious about seeing what they have in Torrens. I doubt that they went out of their way to send cash and Josh VanMeter (SOURCE) to the Reds just to lose him before next March. Although it's still unclear how high the Padres are on Torrens (at least right now), they might send something back to the Yankees to keep him long term. We at least know that Torrens is now worth a double-A infielder and cash. I've heard that the Padres may try and keep him on the roster like how the Diamondbacks kept Rule 5 pick Oscar Hernandez on the roster a few years ago, we'll see. It all depends on what happens when Torrens reports to San Diego's training camp.

So my last post about Torrens going to San Diego was primarily about my thoughts. Now I'd like to share what Torrens himself thought of his Rule 5 selection. Thanks to Twitter I managed to find one Marcos Grunfeld who interviewed Torrens. He's followed by Torrens' official Twitter and Torrens' father so he's legit.

Also heads up, I'm going to embed Tweets written in Spanish. My Spanish stinks so I've translated these Tweets into English using Google Translate. If any of you have better translations, I'd be happy to change them.

Luis Torrens, picked today in draft rule V: "I was training and when I arrived, I see many messages on my phone and I said what this is."

Luis Torrens: "I was told that I had a chance to be chosen but I did not expect it because I played little."

Torrens: "I've liked the Yankees all my life but since one comes in here, they tell you this is a business and you want to be in MLB."

Luis Torrens: "If the Padres chose me knowing my history is because they know me and want me with them."

There were some more interesting tweets and there is a full interview somewhere but unfortunately I was unable to access the link.

Still, I'm glad I was able to get Torrens' perspective on this experience. I'm sure he's feeling a whirlwind of emotions now that he's on a faster track to the big leagues (you know, as opposed to in the Yankees org). Whether or not he's ready is debatable (he's not), but it's nice to see anyway. As you can see Torrens is really humble about being picked at all even though he's Torrens.

Based on this whole thing I can say three things without a doubt.

1). Torrens was coveted. You don't get picked second overall in any baseball draft for nothing. Even with the injury history, teams were in on his massive potential and high caliber talent.

2). Torrens' trade value at least has a floor now. Torrens was traded for cash and an infielder on the verge of making it to double-A. If the Padres want to start making a package to send to NYY to keep Torrens, that's where they can start. Where it goes is a mystery.

3). Former Yankee Cesar Vargas is on the San Diego Padres roster. And that makes me think even more positively about the Padres.

You know what, Torrens on the Padres isn't bad at all. I hope it continues.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. If he sticks with the Padres this could also help your wallet. A certain card company, which shall not be named, seems to favor certain clubs and forget about others. I'm sure he'll get his fair share of cards, but not the volume he would otherwise.

    1. Yeah I know what you mean. Although the risk of his rookie cards over saturating the market is always possible.

  2. I'm glad you're dealing with it well (I don't know how you player collectors do this stuff). But if this turns into another Padres blog, there's gonna be trouble!

    1. Is being a Padres blogger any more troubling than being a Yankees blogger though?

  3. At least the Padres are a bit meh. It could have been worse. It'll be fun to follow his progress in ST.

  4.… Los Padres adquirieron de los Rojos al catcher, nativo de Valencia, Luis Torrens, de 20 años, por quien dieron a un pelotero que identificarán posteriormente, más 500 mil dólares. El club de Cincinnati lo había reclamado de los Yankees, vía draft de la Regla 5. “Nuestros planes con Torrens son que será el titular de la posición en 2918, o a más tardar en 2019”, dijo el mánager de los sacerdotes californianos, Andy Green, en National Harbor, Maryland, a un costado de Washington D.C. donde se celebra el Winter Meeting.