Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Well Yu Darvish has finally signed with the Chicago Cubs. Just days before Spring Training starts.

Obviously I was pushing hard for a Darvish-to-Yankees scenario, as unrealistic as that may have been. But I'm happy he got his money and his new home now regardless.

The Cubs and Dodgers are two teams I have no problems liking/rooting for. Although a large part of that is due to how so many of my trading partners are fans of the two teams. Both were in the running for Darvish but in the end Wrigleyville won Yu over. Makes sense, they really need the pitching help.

So with that I figure I'd rip off what Nick the Dime Box King did and blog about some of my favorite Darvish cards that I've accumulated throughout the years (in no particular order).

This is Darvish's flagship BBM card from 2008 and the very first Yu Darvish baseball card I ever acquired. It was pulled from a pack of Japanese baseball cards my uncle gifted me.
Well okay, the card I pulled had a silver facsimile autograph on it (it was a parallel basically), that I've since given to Ryan over at This Card Is Cool. This is the regular base I got when I purchased some binders full of cards at a Japanese thrift store. Still, I thought it was cool at the time and I still do.

Darvish mania in 2012 was insane if you were in Japan. All you had to do was have Darvish be on the cover of the product and it'd sell out in a snap. Anyway these Bowman rookies were hot for a while. Of course everyone wanted his BoChro autograph more, but these were still fun to pull regardless.

I never pulled the Topps Chrome rookie but I did pull this diecut which I thought was neat at the time. Still do since I still have it housed in a toploader for some reason lol.

Here is BBH or Baseball Heroes.
Baseball Heroes is an arcade game made by Konami where you use baseball cards to play a baseball video game. Sound familiar?
The success of BBH is what led Sega to eventually give their own spin on the baseball card arcade game genre with Sega Card Gen. Sega already had another arcade game that used cards called World Club Champion Football so they had the equipment for it.
While these are technically baseball cards they're more like gaming cards so as a result you're more likely to find them in shops that sell things like Yu-Gi-Oh! than sports cards. I'm pretty sure I found this one for cheap at a shop where I bought a fat stack of Yugioh singles and needed to add a few things to get the extra point for my membership card. These cards come in standard base cards along with inserts and variations. Which is why I never bothered to collect them outside of occasional notable names.

I did get the flagship Topps rookie card from Series 2. The photoshop work in 2012 Topps will make you really see how far Topps has come in recent times.

One of the more unique items I've gotten of Darvish is this custom card sent to me from Darvish himself.
I sent a regular old TTM request to Darvish around three years ago. Darvish sent back the card along with a letter apologizing that the overwhelming number of requests is too much for him to get to. So he sent back my card unsigned along with this special promo card. I'm pretty sure it's one of Dr. Pepper sponsored oddballs and that the signature on the card isn't actually real, but it's a unique item nonetheless. I love it when players have special cards of their own to send back.

We end on my favorite Darvish card of all, this 2009 Baseball Heroes WBC edition card of Darvish.
The 2009 WBC was a lot of fun and Japan really got into it. It was also the first real look that the world at large got at Darvish. Rumors about him coming stateside had been building for years but they really kicked off after his audition in the WBC. To this day one of the first things I think of when I think of Darvish is how he closed out the final game in the WBC tournament to give Team Japan the victory.

So yeah, good luck to Darvish in Chicago. That team just got a lot funner to root for.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. I like the Baseball Heroes cards, but I think mostly because they have to do with video games and they also have more numbers on the front. Love me some numbers.
    I hope Darvish pitches so well the first two years that he decides to take that first contract option. If he does, then the Cubs have likely made a deep playoff run both years and that'll be about the time the Cubs need to start locking up some of their considerable offensive talent.

    1. It's weird how Darvish and Heyward are basically the only long term players the Cubs have since everybody else is due to start earning that arbitration money soon.

  2. Love the Baseball Heroes cards... especially that WBC version at the end. Very cool.

  3. That promo card looks really good. If there were an entire set with that design I'd go after it.

    1. If you search for "Texas Rangers Dr. Pepper" on eBay you might find some. I hear these were a special set of cards.

  4. Nice collection! I am excited to see what he does in Chicago.