Friday, April 25, 2014

Straight From The Topps Vault...

So by now I'm sure that many of us are aware of Topps' 1/1 blank back cards. The online-exclusive cards with a sticker on the back (that's blank) saying that the card is a 1/1 that also comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Despite it's gimmicky nature, I picked one up a while back.

Apologies for the horrible scan (my scanner really hates these bloated card holders/cases).
As you can see I picked up a 1/1 Blank Back of Hiroki Kuroda. More specifically Kuroda's card in 2014 Opening Day.


I had been wanting to add a 1/1 Big Hirok card to my collection for a while now but the ones that popped up were always more expensive than what I was willing to pay.
I managed to pick up this blank back for a little less than $15 (including shipping fees), which is pretty fair IMO. Now I can proudly proclaim that I have a 1/1 card of all three of my main PC guys (Hirok, Betances & Jagielo).

Now that I have this 1/1 I'm tempted to try and go after the complete rainbow for Hirok's Opening Day cards. I already received the base from Nick and it shouldn't be too hard to find the blue parallel. Although the printing plates and purple Toys R Us parallel (yes, toys r us has their own Opening Day parallels too) will be something else.
On second thought forget it, I'm too lazy/cheap to undergo such a thing.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and tolerating my horrible scans. As always, take care :).


  1. That is sweet! Surprised it didn't get bid up more, with the Yankee/Dodger/Japan fandom out there. I'm gonna have to jump on one of these some day, probably an A.J. Ellis...

    1. Thanks Pete.
      I'm not too surprised TBH. Not too many Yankees or Dodgers fans collect Big Hirok and not too many Japanese people know who Kuroda is, let alone collect him. Although it's tragic that Kuroda doesn't receive the recognition he deserves, it definitely helps me from a collector's standpoint.

      And good lucking landing a 1/1 Ellis. As long as it's not one of the more notable Dodgers players, you may have a very good shot at landing one.

  2. Wait, Toys R Us has their own Opening Day Parallels? I may have to tell my wife that we need to get a new board game or something and go get some....

    1. Yep, they come in blister packs. I can't remember how many packs were in each but I think it's around 3 packs with 3 exclusive purple parallels. Kind of like how Toys R Us distributes Series 1 and Series 2 as well.

      BTW, my local TRU was having a clearance sale were a lot of boardgames and knickknacks were 30-60% off.