Saturday, February 28, 2015

Number 10 Of The 10th Best (For Now)

Sorry if that post title made you go "huh?" It needs to be taken into context to make any sense (even then it probably still won't).

As you all know Luis Torrens is my favorite player of all time. I'm sure you all have become familiar with his name because I keep bringing it up but outside of my blog he's started to make his presence known among various prospecting circles.

During the offseason when there's nothing else to write about, a bunch of top prospect rankings came out from various sources (some were good, some were bad and some were just lazy rewrites of other lists). Torrens didn't appear on too many lists this winter except for the top Yankees prospects lists. Don't worry, next year he'll be taking Buxton/Bryant's place as the best minor leaguer in all of baseball I'm sure.

On most of the Yankees prospects lists, Torrens could usually be found in the number 8-11 range.
His position largely depended on when that list was constructed. For the more recent/up to date lists Torrens has been pushed down one slot to account for Domingo German who was acquired from the Marlins in a trade.

Anyway I went to Barnes & Nobles the other day because A). it's right next to Target and B). I wanted to read the new Baseball America Prospect Handbook.
In the book he was ranked as the ninth best prospect in the Yankees org in 2014 BG (Before German) so I'm guessing he's since been bumped down to tenth best. BA also gave him a 55 grade and labeled him a high risk. Normally I'd throw a fit but then again every prospect is a risk. Yes, even Bryant.

I took a look through some other baseball related magazines/publications that had prospect lists.

Sporting Life ranked Torrens as the 10th best prospect in the Yankees org.
Athlon Sports ranked Torrens as the 9th best prospect in the Yankees org.
Baseball Prospectus just mentioned that he drew comparisons to Miguel Gonzalez, Brandon Snyder and Tomas Telis.

All four of the publications I've mentioned wrote the same bio for Luis. He spent some time in Charleston, really opened some eyes in Staten Island, is a wiz defensively despite originally being an infielder, and has good make up. That's basically been the 2014 offseason edition of the LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS story.

The point remains that Torrens has basically been the consensus 10th best prospect in the Yankees org all winter long. Now by this time next year I'm sure that the zero in that number will be dropped and he'll be recognized as a far more superior catcher player than Blake Swihart, Kyle Schwarber and Babe Ruth combined.

But for now that's a good starting point.

Especially since I just got this in the other day.
This is the green prismatic auto of Luis Torrens from 2014 Leaf Metal Draft.

As you can see it's numbered 10/10.
For once I actually have the parallel numbered to 10 out of the way for a rainbow I'm (kind of) working on.

As Torrens gains more and more of a following I've found that I've started to really have to wrestle with investors who just want to make a profit in the future. The good thing about that is that if Torrens unfortunately flops, I can find his cards all in a few select places and not scattered around everywhere. The bad thing is that if he pans out they're going to be very expensive. I fear that gone are the days when a Luis Torrens Bowman Chrome autograph could be had for single digits.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Replies
    1. Looking forward to seeing his climb :).

  2. It's too bad that his good make up is hidden behind that catcher's mask.

  3. If he is already polished defensively the sky is the limit. Offense usually comes along late for catchers anyway.

    1. From what I've heard he's advanced for his age and given the circumstances but his defense might not be major league ready just yet. 2014 was eye opening for some because his bat had a lot of life in it. Or at least more than people were expecting.

  4. I'm glad there are couple of Cubs prospects who are worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as LUUUUUIIIIIIIIIS. I look forward to his climb to #1... thanks to you, I jumped in at the ground level!

    1. Lol. Hopefully my hype doesn't let you down ;).

  5. the one thing I know is that I know nothing about prospects. Only that when I saw that he was out for the season, I thought of you ! So yeah, you must be doing a great job of promoting the kid. Let's hope he comes back stronger in 2016

    1. Yeah, I'm working on a post on that sad turn of events.