Friday, May 1, 2015

Sorry I Lost My Mind, But I Never Really Meant To Die

So as some of you may have noticed I've left this blog relatively dormant for the month of April.

It was a combination of a lot of things. My real life got a little too busy for me to keep up with blogging, I suffered a massive case of writer's block where I struggled to write any half-decent posts, and I decided to just take a break rather than waste everybody's time by trying to continue at barely half strength.

However, while I was I away I did take a little look at how many page views I got in April and was surprised to see that my blog had over 1000 views in April. I guess it's because I used to post on a near daily basis and some people still stopped by to check if I was still alive.
Regardless, that speaks volumes to me and I can't thank all of the readers out there enough for stopping by in April even though this blog had nothing to offer you (nothing new anyway).

So thank you, all of you.

On that note, lets move onto some hobby related matters.
Don't worry, I haven't left the hobby. I mailed out a bunch of TTM requests in April and am preparing to send more as I type this. I've managed to get some cool in person autographs in Staten Island and I've also attended a local card show here in May (I'll be blogging about those soon enough).

On the other side, for the month of April the only hobby related purchase I made was a box of binder pages and one single pack of 2015 Panini Stripes & Stars. It's the first time I'd ever spent that little on "cards" in one whole month.

I guess I'm not as interested in cards as I was as recently as two months ago. TTMs & IPs seem to be the only part of me that keeps going.

Photo Credit: ME

So as you can imagine I didn't pick up any Gypsy Queen or Opening Day or whatever was out in April. I didn't even pick up any new LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS cards.

Despite not having a good enough transition for what I want to talk about next, I'd like to shoehorn in that April was also the end of another part of the hobby.

As you can see (if you can read Japanese), SEGA Card Gen has officially come to an end. It had a pretty short run and I wish I could've played it a lot more when it was around, but it was fun while it lasted.

Now that the arcade game is officially gone all we're left with are memories and baseball cards. Cards that are in limited quantities at that. Those cards are going to be a lot harder to find than they were before.

Oh and speaking of Japanese I have one more important announcement.

Starting this month I've decided to post in both English AND Japanese on this blog. Somehow I've gotten a small portion of readers from Japan (or at least enough to know that they can't all possibly be just Ryan-san) and I've been wanting to post in Japanese on this blog since I first started. And it's finally going to happen.

I would like to specify though that not every post I do will be done in both English & Japanese. My Japanese posts will probably be a once in a while type of thing (mainly focused on the posts centered on cards the Japanese don't have access to like vintage cards) and most of the posts on this blog will be in English. But expect to see a few post titles in a foreign language in your blogroll in the future.

Because of the massive time difference between Japan and here (Eastern Standard Time), I've already set a specific time for my posts to go online. My English posts will be published at 6:30 PM (EST) just like they've always been for the last few months. My Japanese posts will be published around 4:30 AM (EST).

My first Japanese post is set to go live in a few hours and it'll officially kickstart a brand new chapter for this blog.

So thank you again to those that bothered to check in in April. Here's to a better (and hopefully more active) May!

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Wow, being part of the blogosphere is really opening me up to the world. There's the Dutch Card Guy, Captain Canuck, Monsieur Papoy, and now Zippy Zappy-san. You're in the States, but the addition of another language to your blog makes me feel more worldly. Nice decision.

    P.S. - I'm sorry to see Sega CARD Gen go. That was a card set/game that I could have definitely supported if it was local.

    1. Globalization is the future for us all. ;).

  2. {bookmarks Google Translate, if only for the humor that will ensue in the mostly correct translations}

  3. Glad you got the batteries charged back up. Looking forward to seeing all the ttm successes!

  4. I'll have to brush up on my Japanese

    1. なるべくシンプルにしておきます:)。

  5. Awesome! Sounds like bilingual blogging is the next greatest trend. I wonder what language I should use. My Spanish is pretty bad. Japanese is worse. Maybe, I'll translate my blog into Yoda-talk.

    Strong with you Zippy... the force is!

    1. Hey man, Yoda-speech is a great language. I know because I flunked that language course in college.

  6. It's sad that CardGen is over, especially since the cards looked so much better than OL and Baseball Heroes. I'd love to build a set myself, if I ever get the chance... but after seeing what you went through I think I'll stick with my type collection!

    And that first Japanese post was a fun translation. Thanks, Google...

    1. Collecting SCG ought to be even more difficult now.