Friday, November 13, 2015

How'd He Know?

Fuji over at the Chronicles Of Fuji sent what appears to be everybody something this past week. I myself was one of the people he sent a few cards to, and like everybody else I was overwhelmed.

Mainly because Fuji appears to have read my mind and managed to pinpoint one card I really needed.

Fuji knows that I like Yankees prospects and I have to assume he also knew that I was looking for a Rony Bautista Bowman Chrome autograph since I've (unofficially) started trying to build the 2014 Bowman Chrome Prospects autograph Yankees team set. Since I gave away my previous Rony autograph to his buddy Domingo, I went back and forth looking at various eBay listings before Fuji sent this my way.

Fuji sent along a note saying I don't need to send him anything because his reserves are at an all time low. But saying "don't" to me is a great way to make sure that I do ;). Especially when you knocked off a critical need.

Fuji also sent along what became my first 2009 Bowman Chrome autograph of a Yankee with this Pat Venditte refractor (#'d 492/500). I remember Fuji showing off a Pat Venditte BoChro autograph a while back and I kind of hoped that this wasn't that one since I'd feel really guilty if it was. Well I went back and yes it was the same card. Now I feel like a douche for taking a card away from him.

I had a small stack of cards prepared for Fuji's next Zippy Zapping. After this recent development I've decided that it isn't enough and I'll have to beef up my own reserves. *Grins evilly*

Accompanying the BoChros were these autographs of Yangervis Solarte and Dean Anna. Both were basically the token Yankees rookies included in many Topps/Bowman sets back in 2014. Solarte was the kind of cinderella story media types like to write and fans love to eat up. Solarte spent years toiling in the minors before making a huge impression on the Yankees brass as a non-roster invite in Spring Training. He had a really good April of 2014 before regressing and he was eventually traded along with Rafael De Paula to the Padres. Dean Anna was a Padres farmhand who the Yankees picked up to serve as the ultimate utility man. He played a dozen games for the Yankees and even pitched in one, but he was eventually demoted and selected off of waivers by the Pirates. He's now with the St. Louis Cardinals (Pete Kozma 2.0?).

There were two more cards inside. One is for a future post the other was Fuji's standard calling card.

So I kinda broke my own rule and blogged about a trade. Sort of. This wasn't really a trade per-se, none of the transactions I make with people are "trades" anymore. More like I send people cards I don't need and they send me cards they don't need. But when a package you get hits a bullseye (I'm serious Fuji, how'd you know I needed Rony?) you blog about it.

So yeah, thanks a bunch Fuji.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. The Cardboard Gods whispered in my ear that you could use Mr. Bautista... so voila... it's yours. Please don't feel guilty about the Venditte. He's not in an A's uniform, so it doesn't really fit my collection. Plus... I was able to get a blog post out of it... and help a fellow blogger cross it off his wantlist.

    1. Well Fuji, you've certainly earned an upgrade on your next Zippy Zapping. Be prepared my friend ;)...