Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wee Willie & The Highlanders

That sounds like a great band name doesn't it?

So recently Bob Walk The Plank sent me what's most likely the last card I receive via trade in 2015.

BWTP sent me this 1/1 printing plate of the legendary lumberjack himself, Wee Willie Keeler.

I knew that something was coming my way because BWTP said he found something cool for me. I never thought it'd be something THIS cool though.

What's really cool about this is that the card says he's from the NEW YORK BASEBALL CLUB.
During Keeler's 19 year career he was a member of the NY Highlanders, NY Giants and BK Dodgers. I choose to believe that this is a Highlanders card because if it was a Dodgers card it would've said BROOKLYN BASEBALL CLUB. And the New York could also be the Giants but the Giants stink, so this is a Highlanders card by default. And I refuse to think otherwise. Any argument you bring up will be repelled by my "Keeler spent more time as a Highlander than with any other team" argument. So there.

So now that my inner 7 year old has confirmed that this is a Highlanders card. I thought this would be a good enough time to revisit my Highlanders collection.

This Keeler is the latest addition to that stagnant collection in months. I was hoping the first Keeler added to this collection would be of the tobacco card variety but my limited impulses called for other things.

A few months ago this was sent to me by Nick The Dimebox King. I've been meaning to give this a proper post but that's for a future Revisiting Profiles post I guess.

This is from the 1980 Nostalgic Enterprises set commemorating the 1903 NY Highlanders. And it's freaking awesome.

I believe Nick sent me all of the Nostalgic Enterprise cards I have (all two of them). Which is no surprise since he's probably the only guy who can find these.

After that we have my six T206 Highlanders. It would be eight but I just had to surprise AJ & Nick.

For now the Tannehill is an "honorary" member as he was a Highlander at one point but that T206 doesn't depict him as a Highlander (stupid Washingtons) so it's days with me are numbered.

And after that we have my Jack Chesbro PC. Unlike Keeler there's no mystery which team Chesbro's supposed to be on, because almost nobody remembers Chesbro as a Pirate or as a Red Sock. And that suits me just fine.

And now back to Willie Keeler. A guy who should be in monument park but isn't. Hard to say what 2016 has in store, but hopefully my Highlanders PC takes a few steps forward somehow.

Big thanks to BWTP for the plate, Nick for the Deering and AJ for the unscanned Chesbro (the felt thing was excluded because the Highlanders did not last until 1914).

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. I've never seen those Nostalgic Enterprises cards before, of course Nick would dig something like that up!

    Also, I'm fighting the urge to make a reference to the movie that won an Academy award for the greatest movie ever...

    1. Nick can find anything in his dime boxes. Hence why he's the king.

  2. That's a great find by Matt. Very cool plate.

  3. Those N.E. cards are awesome. Pretty impressive team collection for a hundred year olds dormant.

    1. It is. A team that was pretty unimpressive to boot.

  4. I was so pumped when I found that Keeler. Only thing better would had been a rare torrens.