Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My First Baseball Card Purchase Of The Year...

...hasn't arrived yet so here's my second baseball card purchase of the year.

A week or so ago I finally snapped and decided to buy some things on eBay. And by "things" I'm of course referring to baseball cards. I know I said I'm on a six month no-baseball card goal but I never said that those six months had to be consecutive. I've got three months down, I can get the remaining three out of the eight months we still have in 2016 (there's only eight more months of 2016 BTW).

So yeah my first purchase isn't here yet, so instead here's my second one that arrived faster and is probably a lot more appropriate given what this blog is about.

See what I mean?

I finally tracked down one of the two remaining non-printing plate Luis Torrens parallels I needed from 2014 Bowman Draft. This particular specimen is the silver wave variety.

And it's numbered 18/25. The reason I've been after this for so long is because these are really overpriced for somer reason. Outside of a few stray auctions I missed out on these are only readily available as Buy It Nows for like $15 + shipping. Considering how I got the shimmer refractor (numbered to 15) for less I'm not paying that.

But then I found a pretty good lot deal on eBay where the crown jewel was the silver wave and it was accompanied by lots and lots of Torrenses. You want to know how many?

Excluding the silver wave there were 65 Luis Torrens inside the lot.

I was too lazy to scan them but there were five normal refractors.
There was one silver ice parallel.
There were 14 chrome base cards.
And finally there were 45 paper base cards.

In all I paid around $20 for this lot. If you exclude shipping it evens out to roughly $10 for the silver wave and $7 for everything else, which is decent I suppose. At the very least it doesn't hurt to have a giant stack of Torrens cards ready for if/when I ever see him again and want to just give him some cards.

Anyway with the silver wave now in my possession all I need is the superfractor and I'll have completed the 2014 Bowman Draft Top Prospects Chrome Luis Torrens rainbow (minus the plates).

For now the one printing plate I do have will have to fill the gap. Note that this excludes the paper cards.

Only one more chrome parallel to go...

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. The best Torrens collection in the world!

  2. Man... Luis needs to get back on the field. Then he'll get more cardboard love. The world needs more cards of Luis.

    1. Personally I'd be okay if he went on to have no more cards.

  3. Nice! Glad you tracked that one down!

  4. Those colors are very pretty! Congratulations on your 2nd baseball card purchase of 2016.