Monday, October 31, 2016

Spooky Visuals (Sorta)

Happy Halloween Folks!

I'm guessing that many of you are out doing halloween related activities with your offspring or off to some party with your significant other and/or close associates.

I hope that your evening festivities go well and that you all drink responsibly.

I'm going to be spending this Halloween like I always do, staying at home as myself (because nothing is scarier than not being white in western civilization).

For those of you who're like me and just staying home, here's a cool video (short film) I found very awesome. It's called "The Life and Death of a Pumpkin" made by Blame Society Films (the guys who make the Chad Vader, Beer & Board Games and Welcome To The Basement videos). It's pretty good.

Have a safe and happy halloween filled with fun, candy and women in scantily clad clothing.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. I watched about 38 seconds of that video and decided I don't like talking pumpkins.
    Happy Halloween!