Thursday, April 6, 2017

What I've Been Listening To... (Pt. 2)

So part one of the "What I've Been Listening To" post was really fun for me. By the looks of the feedback I got I noticed that a lot of my audience,
A). listens to indie rock
B). usually just listens to songs in English

TBH I was expecting this. Just look at the demographic of baseball card collectors, it shouldn't be too hard to make assumptions and generalizations about what kind of musical tastes they might have.

Still, it was fun to see what people thought. Special thanks to Tony of Off Hiatus Baseball Cards for going so far as to provide a post (I was just expecting a comment lol) where he provided his two cents on the songs I highlighted.

Anyway, here is another smattering of 10 songs I just happen to be listening to...

Starting us off is a song I got for free back when iTunes were still giving away select songs for free. The Wombats present us with a pretty upbeat and catchy song that contrasts to how it's about a failing relationship and various tempting things around the singer that are making it fail even more (groupies wanting sex I think?). Oh those Brits and their use of irony.

Nigerian Rock music was pretty big back in the 70's (big enough to have a retrospective documentary at least) and a lot of it is very good. There are still lots of hidden gems in the genre to be found. So far I've enjoyed this the most. The post-Civil War era of Nigeria must've offered the country and it's artists a lot of topics worth discussing and it comes out in it's music as well. Although granted my knowledge of Nigerian culture at the time (or in any time period really) is lacking and I can't claim to know exactly what is being addressed. Still, I like it.

Now we're heading into the kind of stuff I was into when I was a tween, emo rock. More specially mid-to-late 2000's emo rock. This little number by Balance and Composure reminds me of other bands I was into way back when like Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and Cute Is What We Aim For. Less over the top than Fall Out Boy and not as terrible as Simple Plan (do they even count?). The unfortunate part is that these bands were either too quiet for my hormonal self or too samey-soundey but could hit bulls eyes with me on one out of every 400 songs. This is one of them.

Tony has been doing the 30 Day Song Challenge on Twitter for the past few weeks and one of the challenges was to find a song that you think everybody should listen to. This was my choice for that challenge. This little number by Napalm Death is one of the most notable shortest songs ever made. The song is barely three seconds long. There is no real reason why everybody in the entire world can't listen to this at least once during their life. Just listen, then move on before you realize it.

Tracks that use unreleased 2Pac a cappella's can be very hit or miss but I thought that this song by Nipsey Hussle did a pretty good job. Even though iTunes credits June Summers (the R&B singer, not the pornstar) as the main performer. Jay Rock's verse is your typical gangsta rap verse, Nipsey Hussle's verse is a take on politics and drugs in Crenshaw, CA, with 2Pac's verse being one that was obviously for his One Nation project that never got released (or finished) due to his untimely death. You see, 2Pac was working on a compilation with Brooklyn based rap supergroup Boot Camp Clik (a collection of various NYC-based rappers) called One Nation as a way to squash the East Coast/West Coast feud in the mid 90's. Notice the shout outs for old school NYC hip hop acts like Cocoa Brovaz (also known as Smith-N-Wessun), Greg Nice (of Nice And Smooth fame), Buckshot the BDI Thug (also of Black Moon fame), Capital LS (of Rumplestilskinz fame) and Asu.
Sidenote, I'd highly recommend a lot of Buckshot's discography. Especially his collaboration albums with KRS-One and 9th Wonder.

Those of you from the 80's probably remember this song by the Australian band Midnight Oil. I've heard Midnight Oil being discussed as the Australian Rage Against The Machine, in that they're primarily about politics. Australian politics. The treatment of the native aborigines and various other things in Australia's history gave Midnight Oil plenty of material.

Whether to Tony's benefit or not, this post has been thoroughly lacking in non-English songs. Let's fix that with these last few picks.
Like this number by Stromae, a Belgian artist who is probably better known for the song Alors on dense. I have pretty much no idea what the lyrics are actually saying here but the best I can gather is that Stromae portrays both the male and female points of view in a relationship. The verses are primarily from the female's perspective and the chorus is from the male's perspective. This music video is something that could be used in a gender studies class.

Hell yeah! Norwegian metal!
Granted it's not the hardest the genre could go, but I personally like this the most. Easy to head-bang to. Very easy to get pumped up by this. All of the lyrics are in Norwegian and no I don't know what is being sung but I believe it's primarily about a guy who's fed up with the world and wants either hell to roll over and reset the world, or just come and take him. I mean the title roughly translates to Come Hell.

About time that Bollywood soundtracks made an appearance on here!
When Tony wanted music suggestions for a blogpost of his, I threw him a bunch of random ones my iPod played at random and this was one of them. He ultimately opted for my song choices from Medieval Europe so I'll throw this one up again. This particular gem by Sing Raja comes from the 2012 movie, Joker. A movie that involves aliens (the poster pretty much explains what you're in for).

Finishing off this post by bringing it back to rock and roll and Japan!
This is the Japanese band Arukara. Their songs are very weird and I can't keep up with the plot of their songs at all, but they're just so full of energy and from what I can keep up with, it's clear a lot of time and thought went into them. As for what this particular song is about, beats the heck out of me. The title roughly translates to "Science The Catchy(ness)" which doesn't tell me much. But who cares gosh darnit, it just sounds so good.

And those were some of the latest songs I've been listening to. Now to see what Tony has to say about these songs.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. I know it's the most obviously one here for me to like, but gotta say I love Midnight Oil. I just downloaded a few live recordings of theirs I'm excited to check out.

    And I did my part by listening to the Napalm Death track.

    1. Good man, I'm glad one more person listened to the track.

  2. I felt that Napalm Death was a little too long and drawn out... but that Midnight Oil song was awesome!

    1. Oh well, I appreciate you giving the ND song a chance though lol.

  3. "Beds Are Burning" is great but the track I really like from that particular Midnight Oil album is "The Dead Heart"

    1. That's a great track too. Their overall discography is very solid.