Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Double Dip

It's been a while since I was able to enjoy a live baseball game in it's entirety. I actually got to do that yesterday when I stayed for one whole game (the first of a double header).

But before all of that, the autographs.

The key for me this time was getting this custom Jorge Guzman signed. Guzman has been nothing short of a beast during his time in Staten Island and given his success, it wouldn't surprise me if he was up in Charleston by season's end. So I whipped up this custom really quickly and got it signed. I love it. Even if Jorge did sign over his face. Also, I dig the autograph, if he ever signs certified autographs for a company, I assume this signature will change quite a bit.

Guzman didn't pitch in either of the two games yesterday (breaking my streak of games I've attended started by Guzman), but I'm still glad I got this. Guzman is one of the prospects that came over to the Yankees in the Brian McCann trade and is a righty with effortless but still impressive velocity that can sit in the triple digits. Like any fireballer, location and command is still an issue for Guzman but you wouldn't think it given his performance thus far this year. Especially the July 3rd outing (the one I went to) where he went 6.2 IP, struck out 10 batters, and allowed zero runs. Eventually I think he'll come back down to Earth a bit and he'll have to make adjustments again, but that's good. It wouldn't surprise me if he went on to really blossom in the Yankees org like Domingo Acevedo has done so far.

Next up is an autograph of top prospect Wilkerman Garcia. I thought I was done for the year with Wilkerman's IPs (until the team set comes out) but I happened to pull this from some retail packs the other day so, why not? Wilkerman played in the first game and got a single, but was also picked off during the game. Still a lot of promise in him though.

Next up is Will Jones, who actually pitched in yesterday's game in relief. Drafted in the 28th round of the 2016 MLB Player Draft, Jones was a utility guy in college but he's been drafted as a pitcher (in relief). He did pitch as a starter before though. Jones came into the game in the fourth and pitched 1.2 IP. He allowed a run and got one SO.

Last but not least is another 2016 draftee, Greg Weissert. Armed with a low 90's fastball, a slider and a work-in-progress changeup, Weissert has pitched in relief as a pro so far since becoming a Yankee. Weissert may get a few spot starts here and there but his future role hinges on his development of the changeup. Good luck Greg.

And those were my autographs.

The first game was started by Trevor Stephan. The Yankees' third rounder this year. He had some rough stretches but manages to work around the jams he found himself in. A lot of the contact made against him in this game was rather weak, and he managed to hold the Vermont LakeMonsters scoreless for three innings.

The Yankees took game one by a score of 3-1. Dom Thompson-Williams singled Ryan Krill home in the third. Catcher Francisco Diaz, who had a heck of a game by going 3-for-3, later had a two RBI single with the bases loaded to give the SI Yanks an insurance run.

Yankees won the game in 7 innings because MiLB double headers only go 7 innings each (unless there's a tie).

I didn't stick around for the second game, but the Yankees lost that one 6-1. Juan De Paula (who came over from the Seattle Mariners in the Ben Gamel trade) allowed four runs in the first and that set the scene for the rest of the game.

Even so, the Staten Island Yankees were a lot of fun to watch today. Stephan's promising pitching, and the lineup that's full of guys worth keeping an eye on. They're also sitting pretty atop the McNamara division in the standings. A hot start can really make or break your entire season in these short-season leagues.

I'll close out this post by mentioning that it was a special Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed day. They passed out these special comics/NYC tourism promos, and Michaelangelo and Raphael actually showed up to the game.

Raph especially enjoyed watching the game.

And that was my latest MiLB game. It might be my last for a while as I wait for the team set to come out (hopefully) soon. For now I have the autographs of everyone I wanted, and I'm sitting pretty.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

2017 IP Auto Count: 21


  1. That Wilkerman looks great! Glad you're having IP success with Staten Island. Thus far, they haven't been very good at TTM.

    1. Thanks TLC. Luckily you got one today :).

  2. I was in the team shop for the Black Bears on Sunday. They still had a few 2016 NYPL top prospects sets on discount. The 2016 Black Bears team set was 20% off as well. If I see them again, you want me to pick some up? Drop me a line on Twitter.

    1. That'd be great actually, thanks Matt :).

  3. Wilkerman Garcia has a great looking autograph. Nice to see a young guy take pride in his signature.

    1. Indeed. I put the card in a magnet holder and it looks magnificent.