Monday, March 24, 2014

1985 Topps Woolworth's Jack Chesbro

It's not often that I get Jack Chesbro cards (granted there aren't too many of them out there) but when I do it always feels wonderful.

This fantastic Happy Jack Chesbro card comes from John over at Johnny's Trading Spot.
The front of the card features one of the few pictures of Chesbro left on this earth.

The back features some details about how Chesbro won 41 games 1904 and how he led both the NL and AL in winning percentage. It even says Chesbro's real/full name, John Dwight Chesbro.
I also find it interesting how the card even notes when and where Jack Chesbro died and how the way he threw and hit are both written in past tense. You don't see that too often. BTW, is it me or does the word "BATTED" appear to be bigger than the word "THREW"?

Overall I give this card a A. Not just because it's a Jack Chesbro card but because the front of the card properly calls him a New York Highlander (Highlanders > Yankees, ALWAYS) and because of the pretty interesting back. Only thing keeping this card from scoring a perfect A+ is the fact that the card doesn't have the word "Happy" on it anywhere. Chesbro's nickname wasn't just Jack, it was Happy Jack.

But that minor nitpick aside, this is still a fantastic card and I owe John big time for it.
I'll be sure to send you some more Barves soon John.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Wow. I would have thought you preferred the NY Yankees I sent before this one. BTW, I did manage to pull a slew of those minor league Yankees Farm clubs. LMK, if you're interested. thank you for the Braves you sent.

    1. Oh I loved the other Yanks you sent as well John, but this was especially special in my book :).

      Although I'm not really sure if I have anything to really offer you for those MiLB Yanks at the moment.