Tuesday, October 7, 2014


So I went out and got a few more piece of the Torrens rainbow.

Starting us off is this blue refractor. I don't know why my scanner suddenly hates blue refractors, but it can no longer scan these properly as this is way more prettier and shinier in person than this scan would have you believe. Or am I simply in denial?

Ironically I think I spent more on this blue ref that's limited to 250 than I did for the purple ref that's numbered to 199. But that's what happens when it's sold out on COMC I guess.

Next up is the gold refractor. In my last progress report I made a comment about how I'll need a bunch of gold to pay for this rainbow. In hindsight I've come to realize how lame that is and would like to apologize to all of you who had to suffer through it.

BTW out of all of the Torrens card I picked up online this gold was possibly sent to me the neatest. It came in a new sleeve, new top-loader, and the seller even threw in a few cards to serve as protectors, all in a bubble mailer of course. Only package that's really topped it so far is the super which came in a screwdown.

And finally, my latest Torrens pickup was this printing plate. Now before you get all excited let me just say that this is the printing plate for the minis.

In late 2013 Topps/Bowman decided to piss off completists release Bowman Chrome mini. A complete set of every prospect card in 2013 Bowman, Bowman Chrome and Bowman Draft, only miniaturized. It also came with a few parallels and has become the bane of my existence for making my chase for the rainbow harder.

That said I consider the minis and the regular sized cards to be separate entities so I don't go insane or bankrupt (or both). Yet I decided to pick up this plate. The main reason for that is because the seller didn't properly state that this was the mini version in the description (although I was admittedly too lazy to look at the scan of the back). Oh well, it never hurts to add another 1/1 of LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS, especially now that he's put himself on a lot of radars and will have more eyes on him going forward. Hopefully I'll be able to add the full sized plate sometime soon.

So with that I only need 6 2 more pieces of the full sized rainbow. Which includes the parallel I dreaded having to tackle the most, the accursed yellow refractor that only was only available in retail packs. What makes it worse is that they're numbered to 10. GAH!

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Good luck with your quest! If I perchance happen across anything around here, I'll let you know.

  2. I second Tony. Good luck my friend

  3. I've started checking with some of my non blogging card friends to see if they have any Torrens. So far no luck, but I'll keep looking.

    1. Thanks for the effort Matt, I appreciate it :).
      Don't worry though, I'm in a hurry to complete this (well okay I sort of am, but not too much). I know that the plates and the yellow may take several years to track down and am prepared for the worst.

    2. *I'm NOT in a hurry (dumb brain!).

  4. That looks great. I have to lay out my Hensley's like this.

    1. Thanks man. If/when you do please share a picture with us :).