Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Introducing The Torrenterion Collection

Recently I put up a new page on my blog that I like to call the Torrenterion Collection (aka my Luis Torrens Collection). I've gathered and posted all of my Luis Torrens PC pieces on the page. It's listed in chronological order from the Torrenators' first cards to his latest cards.
I would like to say, for the record, that even if you come across or come into possession of a Torrens card and you want to send it my way but already see it on that page, just send it to me anyway. I'll never say no to giving a good Torrenator a good home, my home.

Now onto some recent pickups.
As expected progress on my LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS 2013 Bowman Chrome rainbow stopped but I've slowly accumulated a few of his other cards in recent times.

Like this Gold Prismatic 1/1 auto from 2014 Leaf Metal Draft that I referred to as Omega Luis when the Wampa attacked.
As you can see it's Leaf's answer to the superfractor in the Bowman brand, right down to the way the card looks with those weird (yet cool) circle things that make the card shine. Literally.
Now even though this card is cool and all I do have two major problems with it. One is that it uses the same picture Panini used for the Torrenatrix's base card in 2013 Panini Perennial Prizm Draft. Second, this thing is called a "gold prismatic" refractor. See when I think of the word "prism" in the cardboard world I don't think of Leaf, I think of Panini. So the only conclusion I can draw from this is that Leaf is now trying to be the poor man's Panini, and that's not good (although it's very appropriate).

As you can see it is indeed a 1/1 and my third Torrens 1/1 in my collection.

Next is this die cut from 2013 Panini Elite Extra Edition. Torrens die cuts from EEE don't appear too often and the autographed versions are all redemptions that have yet to be "redeemed" (no way I'm wasting money on a code though, I'll wait until a live one pops up).

This one is Torrens' most recent non-licensed card. It's from the very ignored and very forgettable Leaf Valiant. Naturally there are like a billion different variations of Torrens alone that I don't have the time or money to chase. Ugh. Despite that I do like the way this card looks. You don't see too many die-cuts shaped like flames.

This particular one is the orange parallel of these On Fire die-cut autographs. I decided to go after this particular one out of both desperation and because orange is the best color to go with when it comes to flames. Although I hate how this is numbered to 50. Not because it's numbered, exactly, but because when I think of orange chrome-y parallels, I think of them being numbered to 25 thanks to Bowman.
So thanks a lot of Leaf, first you try to be the poor man's Panini and then you don't even try to be the poor man's Bowman. I expect you to make up for your blunders by living up to your company name and including marijuana leaves in your future products. I'll have the Zig Zags ready.

I picked up this green die-cut because it was cheap. Even though it's green it's not numbered and apparently the base version of this die-cut auto insert. See this is why I no longer bother to keep up with parallels and just go after them at random.

Pulled in the very last pack of my 2014 Bowman Draft hobby box. This card is just so cool. I was really worried that Bowman was going to use a pic of Torrens that they already used before but instead we get this really awesome shot of Torrens in catching gear in presumably the GCL (hence the fences).

So anyway thanks again for stopping by to witness me just showing off my latest LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSS cards :).
As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


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    1. Thanks Matt. Your contributions have played a big part in that ;).

  2. You'll own 1/25th of the Orange flame autos when I send you the other one I've got coming.

    1. YES! I can die happy now!
      Lol, thanks TLC :).

  3. Those flame cards are cool and I agree Orange looks better than Green. Your collection is shaping up quite nicely.

    1. Thanks Adam :). BTW, I sent a little something your way a while back, hope it got to you safely.