Thursday, March 19, 2015

A New Mission? (Hell Naw!)

So these past few days I received a few packages that contained vital additions to my Torrenterion Collection.

The first notable addition was this 1/1 Meganta printing plate of LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSS from 2014 Leaf Metal Draft. Courtesy of Bob Walk The Plank.

According to the note that BWTP sent along they got a pretty nice deal on this printing plate.

I'm not sure exactly how much BWTP spent to obtain this card but the fact remains that we're still trying to out-do each other in terms of trade packages. It figures since I just picked up a few Pirates at the last card show and now the package I had begun constructing has suffered a huge setback now. I'll have to go back to the drawing board.

Now that I have this printing plate, I'm that much closer to a master rainbow.
As of this post I have the 1/1 Prismatic (the superfractor), the green, purple, blue and this plate. That just leaves me with the red, base/SP and the three other plates. Chances are I won't come anywhere near completion, and quite frankly I won't even begin to consider starting the regular rainbow UNTIL the red auto shows up and I have it in my grasp, but most of the groundwork has been set. Now it's just a matter of waiting for the time/opportunity to fill in the gaps.

As if the plate wasn't enough BWTP also sent this awesome blue Prizm auto of the Torrenator.

Unlike the Leaf Metal Draft rainbow, I'm nowhere near completion with these Prizm draft cards. I've yet to see the 1/1 Prismatic or Gold or retail Greens show up on eBay and my rule of thumb with rainbows is to not start until I have the big pieces down (or the prices are so low you can't refuse).

Those of you who follow BWTP knows that he's currently engaged in an ongoing war with Jaybarkerfan to outdo each other in trade returns. I have no idea how he manages to find the time/money to keep bothering with the likes of me but I'll certainly have to return the kindness (regardless of whether or not BWTP wants a return or not).

BWTP also sent a few other notable cards with these but they'll be integrated into other posts.

And finally here's a fantastic blue autograph of the Torrenatrix courtesy of Baseball Card Breakdown. A card that he appears to have practically stolen.

The Bowman Chrome autograph rainbow is also something I'm nowhere close to finishing. The superfractor auto was on eBay for a while (at a hilariously overpriced price at that) but since then it's been sold and lost in the wilderness. Meanwhile I've yet to see any red autographs pop up and the few purple and orange autographs I've seen seem to be going for far more than I'd like/was expecting.
Torrens' setback here in 2015 probably won't deter his prices too much since he's still young and full of potential. So I don't see myself making progress on this one anytime soon either.

All the same, I'm constantly surprised at how often the blogosphere has supported and helped my PC. After a little recuperation time, I'll have put more thought and energy than ever into my next batch of Zippy Zappings.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).


  1. Wow! Very nice! Great additions to your collection!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Mark, I love it too.

      BTW, I got the '79 Burger King cards today. Thanks a bunch!

  3. I see Torrens cards and I automatically think of you. He is mixed in with a lot of the young Buccos like Tucker and Joe so if a rare one pops up I often see it. That is how I came into the plate.

    1. Thanks again Matt, be prepared for my return package ;).

  4. The Prizm card looks really nice, but for some reason the blue chrome Bowman is my favorite in this group... must be my Cub upbringing.

    I don't know how BWTP and JBF do it. I'm already so far behind sending JBF return packages for all the goods he's dropped on me past... and apparently he's releasing a leprechaun on me? WTF!?!

    1. As a Cubs fan I figured you'd enjoy all shades of blue.

      And good luck trying to survive what JBF has in store for you. And please do not send any demonic creatures my way again. My clone army is still recovering.