Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Estradin' Up Cards

Like P-Town Tom I have what I'd consider my two most favorite prospects in my favorite team's organization.

Like PTT, both of my favorite prospects are liable to be traded away at any given moment. But unlike PTT I haven't had to say goodbye to either of them yet.

Obviously my number one guy is Luis Torrens. I've completed two rainbows of him. I've been in touch with his father. I named my freaking blog after him.

But there is another prospect I like that's not too far behind Torrens in my personal favorite rankings.

Hell yes, Thairo Estrada.

Like Torrens, Estrada is a Yankees prospect who has yet to celebrate his 20th birthday (Estrada & Torrens were both born in 1996) who also hails from Venezuela. And like Torrens he made a big impression on me and also gave me his batting gloves.

Unlike Torrens I don't really see myself going all gung-ho over Thairo Estrada's cards. At least not all of them. I have a superfractor that's been signed by him personally. Which, for the record, was the only card to make it onto my Prime 9, most important binder page. I don't really think I need to go after much else.

Although I do have to admit that he'd be a lot easier to super collect (he's only been in two mainstream sets so far).


The card above is a special card distributed solely at the 2015 NYPL All Star Game in Aberdeen this year (note the logo on the bottom right). The picture used is the same exact one used for Thairo's card in the 2015 SIY team set, but the different back (well it's sort of different) makes up for it.

Personally the way I'm not 100% into super collecting Thairo Estrada is why I like collecting him. As a guy who feels obligated to collect everything Torrens, I've felt burned out (or close to it) several times. Of course I'm not burned out because cool Torrens cards pop up only once every other month.

I like having a PC guy who I can just be like "no, I don't need to scoop up all of his cards and I'm okay with that." Although I probably will make a small effort to pick up Thairo Estrada's MiLB issued cards in the future since they're the coolest.

So in conclusion. In the event that Luis Torrens gets traded away (God forbid), I'll either end up switching allegiances to whatever team he goes to, or switch to Estradin' Up Cards. As of this moment they are both very likely.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care ;).


  1. Estradin' Up Cards has a nice ring to it - not a bad backup plan at all. That said, here's hoping you don't have to enact it!

    1. Thanks Tony. I hope I don't have to enact it either but having a backup plan like this sure does help.

  2. Just switch your allegiance to the Pirates and bring back Cervin Up Cards!

    1. Yeah, um, no. Although Torren' Up Cards being a Pirates blog is about as possible as anything I guess.

  3. I like that card a lot. Minor League set designs have gotten much better!

    1. They have I guess. They still reuse the same pictures a lot though.