Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Getting P(-To)WNed (Part V)

So, um,


That happened so suddenly and unexpectedly didn't it? No warnings. No signals.

In the past I made other people feel this sense of unexpected shock with my T206es, never did I think I'd have somebody do the same to me.

Well lo and behold, one of my best blogging buddies P-Town Tom of Waiting 'til Next Year got me again.

Okay well to be fair Tom did give me a warning when I first opened the bubble mailer.

No wait, wrong side...

There we go.

Immediately I knew what this implied. For you see I had left the following comment one of the WtNY blog posts.

Obviously I meant the comment in jest. And by "folks" I mean all of the people in the super traders club (which I am not a part of). But PTT made it happen anyway. Kind of fitting really. They sent me my first T205, I sent them their first T206.

So back to the magnificent T205. It's of former Highlander Jack Quinn. Jack Quinn is notable to me for his T206 was the second T206 I had ever picked up. And with the departure of my first T206 it's been with me the longest. I have a feeling PTT probably remembered that post from this blog's early years before it became the prospecting thing it is today.

The ink on the back has faded over time. And although the name says John Quinn, Quinn also went by "Jack" during his 23 (TWENTY THREE!) year MLB career. The really cool thing about Quinn that I still remember from doing research on him two years ago is that he's basically one of the earliest players to play well into his 40's. Jack Quinn pitched his last game when he was 50! Naturally he established several age related records that have since been either broken or have stood the test of time.

And now I have Quinn's cards from two of the most iconic tobacco card sets of all time. Perhaps this is the baseball card gods' way of coercing me to becoming a Jack Quinn collector? He does have a Goudey (23 YEAR MLB VETERAN) too after all and a couple of other vintage oddballs.

Either way, this came out of nowhere and I can't thank PTT enough for this. I definitely didn't thank him enough by sending him a bunch of inkless Adam Warrens. Time to rectify my mistake!

Also while we're on the topic of T205s, this is actually not the first time I came close to having a T205. Mark Hoyle asked me if I wanted a T205 Highlander last year and I declined as we both agreed that giving The Lost Collector vintage heart attacks is more entertaining.

So Mark Hoyle, you didn't pop my T205 cherry but know that it was nothing personal ;).

Accompanying the Highlander was another Highlander, a blog favorite, JACK CHESBRO!
In Tri-Star Obak mini form too. These Obak cards are all gray whales. I can find them easily since Chesbro doesn't have too many cards and these are available, but they're all more than I'm willing to spend (usually).

More Happy Jack! And this is not a mini. It is vintage though (note, my definition of vintage is anything before I was born). This is Jack Chesbro's card in the 1948 Hall of Fame Exhibits set. I've seen this floating around in the past but never pulled the trigger on one myself. And now I don't have to thanks to PTT.

I don't think it's hyperbole to suggest that this is the greatest battery combination in the history of baseball.
Obviously I had both the Fleer and LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSS BoChro and PTT already knew that. But PTT also knows that I won't say no to Vintage Chesbro or any Torrens cards.
Seriously though, I'd love to see Luis Torrens try to catch Jack Chesbro's spitball. I know it can't happen, that's why I want it to happen!

PTT knows that I love Yankees prospects so this is a nice/abrupt transition to the prospect/newer portion of the epic P(-To)WNAGE.

Like this double dose of Gosuke Katoh!
The 2013 second rounder hasn't had too many bright spots since joining the organization but Katoh has shown improvements after initial struggles at the levels he's been assigned to. So there is hope.

This is actually a BoChro mini version of Casey Stevenson. Also signed by Casey Stevenson. I'm not entirely sure how PTT got this (care to elaborate PTT?). Stevenson was with the Yankees between 2010 and 2014 before being released. He hasn't been picked up by an affiliate since but he did spend the 2015 season in Indyball. If I had to guess this is either an old TTM request, IP auto or something PTT picked up at a card show.

The last card in this EPIC package was this jersey relic of Chien-Ming Wang. Former Staten Island Yankee great, Chien Ming Wang that is.

And there was my latest P(-To)WNAGE package from P-Town Tom. PTT's packages are always special because they know that my interests are Yankees prospects, Highlanders and a few things in between. Not everyone has either of those things and yet PTT managed to find a little bit of all three and sent it in one convenient package.

Well rest easy PTT, my next Zippy Zapping for you will not be just a PWE with a dozen ex-Yankees making up the bulk of it. I will get even (my own twisted definition of even).

So yeah, go check out Waiting 'til Next Year. I hear the Cubs are no longer terrible.

Any thanks again to PTT for the awesome cards.

And as always thank you the readers for stopping by. Take care.


  1. "I hear the Cubs are no longer terrible."

    Give them time. It is the Cubs after all.

  2. The Stevenson was part of a large auto lot I purchased through the Bay... mini, chrome, Yankee, prospect, IP auto... it basically said, "Please, send me to ZZ!" So I did.

    I was hoping you still had the other Quinn card. They look pretty cool next to each other. I think you should become a Quinn super collector. I did that with Karl Olson and it's been a fun experience chasing down vintage.

    I'm glad the package overall was a hit. Happy spring!

    1. Thanks again for the Quinn Tom. Mark my words, I'll get you back ;).

  3. That is awesome. Jack Quinn is kind of an interesting player. He was actually one of the few players that went to Boston from the Yankees during the so-called "Rape of the Red Sox" that actually played quite well for Boston.

    1. Thanks MA. I had no idea there was a "rape of the Red Sox."

  4. Well done, PTown. Great card and great recipient.

  5. P-Town Tom is representing the Cubs fandom pretty well!

    1. You're welcome to follow in his footsteps Tony ;).

  6. BOOM! Tom went for the jugular.

  7. Love the card. Welcome to the club