Friday, August 25, 2017

Other Things In The Aisle

Try as I might, I can't just focus on baseball cards. By now I'm sure you're all well aware that I'm into Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and that I'm probably into other forms of cardboard too. Today I thought I'd go over some of the things I've been really into that have presented themselves in card form and in products that we tend to gloss over when we're looking for blasters at retail stores.

So one of my favorite movie franchises is Dreamworks' How To Train Your Dragon franchise. The first two movies were excellent in my opinion and I'm cautiously excited about the third installment (I say cautiously because the people who made Minions bought out Dreamworks).

Topps made a whole set for the second HTTYD2 movie back in 2014. If you were in the card aisle at big box mart back then, you probably glanced over this product while you were looking for 2014 Heritage or something.

Nowadays the set is rather rare. My friend Ryan from This Card Is Cool once told me that cards related to kids shows are hard to find, and this set has shown me that that is very true. I mean I've managed to find some good lots on eBay (mainly from one seller) but trying to find/complete a masterset is going to be tricky. If not impossible thanks to all of the insert sets and fun kid-oriented extras like stickers, puzzles and stand-up cards. I'd have better luck buying every unopened pack I can find and hoping for the best.

Nonetheless I loved the movies too much to not get anything. So I got one of the base cards (of Astrid because Hiccup was sold out) and a complete puzzle. The backs of the puzzle cards are all stickers like the "Berk's Best Buds" sticker previously seen above.

Now we're going back to when I was a wee little baby, with the mid-90's Disney hit, Gargoyles.

Disney's darkest cartoon to date (by a wide margin) had a set of cards released by Skybox back in 1994. It had a fair number of promo cards like the one above which features promo artwork of Goliath (the lead character in Gargoyles) gliding down from a building on his way to protect Manhattan. The whole card is a 5x7 card BTW.

The back features a brief description/overview of the show. How the Gargoyles came to be protectors of NYC in 1994. Most of it overlaps with what the intro to the show itself says. If you have the time I highly recommend watching/listening to it. It's a very epic theme song with one of the best voices in all of animation history courtesy of Keith David.

Awesome stuff wouldn't you say?

Speaking of Disney and mastersets though, I completed a master set of something Star Wars related a while back.

Back in 2014 Topps released a special set of cards to help promote the new Star Wars cartoon, Star Wars Rebels. It was a simple set with 100 base cards, ten stickers and ten tattoos.

I got the 100 base cards and ten stickers down quickly thanks to buying blaster and rack packs like a mad-man while they were still on shelves. The tattoos eluded me for a while.

The last one I needed was Hera Syndulla.

Now I have the entire master set!

I'm kind of thrilled. It's the very first time I've completed a master set. I suppose I should a 1/1 sketch card (this product came with those) but those tend to go out of my price range so maybe that's for another time.

Right now I'm just glad that the mission I set out to do years ago is finally done.

Anyway those were some things you likely missed/ignored in the card aisle. Will there ever be a second edition of this post? We'll see. Depends on if you do ;).

As always thanks for stopping by and take care.


  1. I liked the first How to Train Your Dragon. I think I've seen the second, but don't recall it.

    1. Personally the second works a little better for me but they're both great films IMHO.