Thursday, August 31, 2017


Players weekend just passed. It was a fun little promotion where players had nicknames on the back of their jerseys (if they picked a nickname at all).

Luis Torrens had a nickname, it was "Churro."

Luis "Churro" Alfonso Saez Torrens (21)

I assume that when most of you think of the word churro, you think of the long sugary stick made out of dough. I like those snacks too but I'm pretty sure that's not what Torrens had in mind.

Especially not after reading about the origin of the nickname from this article explaining all of the Padres' nicknames written by's Padres beat writer A.J. Cassavell.

Now my Spanish is a bit, primitive, but I at least know that the word churro has a few meanings. The aforementioned doughy treat, disaster/failure, and finally handsomeness/beautifulness. I think handsomeness and beautifulness were what the Torrens family has been going for.

I always figured that LUIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS had a nickname but I now know that that name is Churro. Another fun fact to add to the Torrens trivia collection.

As for the Torrens card collection, it has even more fire to bake the churros now. Thanks to this On Fire diecut autograph from 2014 Leaf Valiant. This is an ongoing rainbow project of mine (well, they all are TBH) and progress on this one has been the absolute slowest.

On the bright side this is the yellow parallel numbered 08/10. What this effectively means is that I am only the Red 1/1 away from completing this rainbow, as well as that and three printing plates away from completing the master rainbow. Will I ever finish this? Depends on exactly what's been pulled so far out of boxes, what remains in sealed boxes of Valiant, and whether Leaf actually sent out all of the cards in the first place :P.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care.


  1. Rainbows are so tough to complete. That last one could be stuck in a box on a shelf in a card shop because it's over priced. Or maybe it's in a collector's possession, but they don't sell their cards on the secondary market.
    Regardless, much luck to you as you try to tract down that Red Churro.

    1. I know, and that's the maddening part. But the best part is that in our digital age, we have a much much higher likelihood of completing a rainbow than past generations.

  2. I'm making my first attempt at a couple of rainbows and it is a huge pain in the ass. In my mind if I get one of the plates I consider the rainbow complete. The true 1/1 is just too hard to find.

    1. I understand that logic but if you're like me and you've completed TWO rainbows where you've already acquired the real 1/1's, then you can never go back to saying the plate will be good enough.

  3. Yikes, Rainbows. Best of luck, hope you find that 1/1!