Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Yesterday I attended another Staten Island Yankees game. It was between them and the Brooklyn Cyclones (Mets affiliate).

I actually also went to a game on Saturday but that game didn't get me much in terms of autographs so I ended up not blogging about that one. The only notable thing was that Miguel Flames signed my ticket stub.

But yesterday was different. Yesterday was a matchup between two rehabbing starting pitchers. On The Cyclones side was an actual big leaguer in Jason Vargas. On the Yankees side was a rehabbing triple-A starter in Erik Swanson.

Who will also lead off the autograph portion of this post.
Swanson was originally drafted by the Texas Rangers in the eighth round of the 2014 MLB Player Draft. He was traded to the New York Yankees in the Carlos Beltran trade however, and has since blossomed into a really intriguing prospect.
Swanson is armed with a low 90's fastball that can reach 96 mph at times, as well as a changeup and curveball. Swanson isn't ranked too highly on top prospect lists but that's mainly due to the crazy amount of talent and depth the Yankees currently have. How he projects to do long term or at the big league level remains to be seen, but his rehab stint in the lower minors are surely coming to an end.

Next up I finally got Robert Pimpsner. Pimpsner is basically the Staten Island Yankees' official team photographer. He's one of the people behind the top Yankees prospect resource Pinstriped Prospects, and he's really passionate about the Staten Island Yankees. Apparently this card was a surprise that Robert didn't know about until the last minute lol. Also I'm one of the few who actually got him to sign for me. Thanks Rob.

Last but certainly not least is Josh Breaux, the Yankees' second round pick in 2018. Breaux is a polished catcher out of JUCO who projects to be a really solid backstop at the big league level. He's got some ways to go and he'll probably always have to keep having to play better than the catching prospect behind him (Anthony Seigler), but Breaux is talented enough to keep up.

And those were my autographs.

As for the game it was pretty good. Even though Vargas isn't exactly the flashiest name in the world (for comparison's sake the Cyclones had a start from a rehabbing Noah Syndergaard just the day before on Sunday), but he was the first big league pitcher I'd seen since 2015 (which is when I last went to Yankee Stadium). He was pretty good and kept the Yankees to one hit in six innings. As for Swanson he was also solid. A little shaky sometimes but overall he kept the Yankees in the game by keeping it a one run game in 3.2 IP. The bullpen did a heck of a job keeping the Cyclones scoreless for the rest of the game.

A rehabbing Mike Ford and Miguel Flames both hit solo home runs after Vargas exited the game to give the Yankees a 2-to-1 lead, which would later go on to be the final score.

All in all, the game yesterday was a ton of fun. I finally got to see another top pitching prospect I don't see too often (Swanson is likely headed back up to Scranton after Jonathan Loaisiga's injury and Masahiro Tanaka coming off the DL), and I got to see a big leaguer. Good game.

Also I now have autographs of the first three players the Yankees drafted this year.

As always thanks for stopping by and take care :).

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  1. So Vargas pitched very well, but his team lost? He's definitely ready to rejoin the Mets rotation!

    1. The bullpen failed him. The Cyclones truly are a Mets affiliate.

  2. Great autographs! The Breaux came out great, and he's got a solid signature.

  3. Team photographer? Stepping up your IP autograph game.